Disney’s Launchpad season 2: Release date and more updates

Disney is all set to debut its short-film collection, Launchpad’s season two sooner rather than later. Launchpad is a celebration of budding talent from underrepresented creators that would otherwise remain unrecognized. Its season one featured 6 shorts from six directors that brought their vision and perspective on board. This season, the show also has a writing track that gives true meaning to diversity. Season second will consist of six writers, five directors, and a writer/director. Like its predecessor, the second outing is centered upon a theme. This time, the selected contestants have to write stories around ‘Connection.’ Back in February 2022, the anthology series was in the script writing stage, but that was long back. We reckon that things have picked up since then and Launchpad will be back with a bunch of passionate, relatable, and impressive stories that would spark new hopes and magic in audiences. 

Read on to know everything about Season two of Disney’s Launchpad.

Season two of Launchpad airing date: When’s the release date of the series?

As of now, there are no specifics about when Launchpad will be out. But we assume that season two will be available to watch until sometime in 2023. Hopefully, if the Covid pandemic causes no production delays at this time, the series will adhere to its airing schedule. 

Season one was in the works in February 2020, but it was not premiered until 28th May 2021. But given the production’s benefit of the doubt, season two should not take this long. 

Season one of Launchpad is exclusively available for viewing on Disney Plus.

The participants’ scripts are analyzed by Disney’s creative teams. Out of over a thousand applications, only a few make it to the selection process. Later, they are teamed with another budding filmmaker and a creative executive who mentors them throughout the process. 

It begins with getting the right director on board to tell a story that has never been told or seen before. The most hardest part is pairing people with one another.

Have a glance at Launchpad Season two’s short films and roster of filmmakers below-

Beautiful, FL” directed by Gabriela Ortega and written by Joel Perez and Adrian Ferbeyre

A teen girl scrambles to get spare parts from her eclectic trailer park neighbors and fix the family RV in time to share her tia Abuela’s special flavor in the annual Beautiful, FL Ice Cream Competition.

“Black Belts” — helmed by Spencer Glover while Xavier Stiles serves as the writer.

KJ, an offbeat middle schooler and martial arts movie nerd from Compton, challenges the top dojos in South LA, wearing his uncle’s old black belt. But when his former fighter dad gets too involved, both learn there’s more to life than keeping your guard up.

“The Ghost” — Directed by Erica Eng while the screenplay is written by Kevin Park

12-year-old Clarice Cheung feels like she’s invisible in her family—especially next to her older sister Naomi. But when a powerful ghost appears in their house, the estranged sisters will have to team up and stop it before their family is torn apart forever.

“Maxine” — Director/Writer: Niki Ang

Nervous about introducing her first girlfriend to her family, a queer college student gets help from the spirit of a long-lost relative during the Hungry Ghost Festival.

“Project CC” — Cashmere Jasmine acting as a director and Jasmine Johnson writing it down.

A brilliant child scientist must reconnect with her beauty influencer sister when a cloning experiment goes awry.

“The Roof” — Director: Alexander Bocchieri; Writer: W.A.W. Parker

After being sent to stay with his grandfather, a Cheyenne teen uncovers a secret that connects him to his family and community in a way he never thought possible.


Hopefully,, more beautiful stories are coming our way in Launchpad’s season two with a plethora of budding talent making their debut on the show. Tell us in the comments below what do you think of this program? 


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