Demon’s Souls 2: Release date, Cast, and updates

With the remake of Demon’s Souls racking up great success, game enthusiasts have been looking ahead to a sequel since its release in 2020. Developed by Blueprint Games, Demon Souls received appreciation for its visuals and gameplay. Nonetheless, that has not guaranteed the gamers a direct sequel to Demon Souls. Even now, the fate of the game remains in dark with Miyazaki not willing to continue the franchise. That said, there is still a possibility for a Demon Souls two, though there is no official statement confirming the same as of now. 


With that in mind, here’s everything we know so far about a possible Demon’s Souls two:


 Will there be a sequel to Demon’s Souls?

Many fans believe that Demon’s Souls should have a sequel. But unfortunately, Miyazaki is not exactly excited to helm its second part. The reason is that Sony Entertainment holds IP rights over the project. Furthermore, the director of the original game does not want to revisit its previous works. With all that said, we have a little hope that FromSoftware might have plans to give us the much-deserved sequel sooner rather than later.


When will Demon’s Souls two be released?

With things still up in the air for Demon’s Souls two, it is very difficult to predict anything about its future. 

Demon Souls launched on 12th November 2020 in the US and Japan exclusively on Ps5. The game was released in other parts of the world a week later i.e. on 17th November 2020. Considering the effort, time, and technical expertise that such games involve, it is impossible to see the game return anytime soon. 


What will be the potential plot of Demon’s Souls two?


We have no plot specifics for Demon’s Souls two since there is a slim chance of the sequel. Nonetheless, we can look back at its previous story to get a fair idea of what could follow next. 


Demon’s Souls includes The Old One, who is on a world destruction mission that has led to the appearance of evil beings. The events of Demon’s Souls take place in Boletaria’s prehistoric age. With new weapons, armors, and items, the remake is made a lot more difficult and fun. 


Is there any trailer available for Demon’s Souls 2?


Unfortunately, we have no trailer for Demon’s Souls two just yet. And you will not see anything of the game for a long time. But you can check the trailer for Demon’s Souls and have a sneak peek into the adventures that await you. 

We will update this space as teasers and trailers become available. So, make sure to check with us later. 


Demon Souls is a remake rather than a remaster of the original game. Many people have mistaken Dark Souls to be a sequel to Demon Souls. And it is not entirely wrong as it could be called its spiritual sequel if not anything else. It can be said that the remake has not lost the uniqueness of its original game.


Stay tuned for more details on Demon Souls two.

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