Death Parade Season 2:Release date and what can we expect?

Death Parade or Desu Pardo is a critically acclaimed anime television series that debuted in January 2015. Based on a 2013 short film, the anime was previously planned as a limited series. However, the overwhelming response of the fans made the creators promise a season two back in 2016 which is not yet officially ordered. Thus, fans are on tether hooks about the fate of the anime. Will it get the green light or is it canceled? Here’s everything to know about a potential season two of Death Parade:

Death Parade Season 2 release date: When it is getting aired?

The creators have not issued any airing date for Death Parade season two as of now. And given that there is no update about the progress of the series, we may say that the anime has less chance of coming back for a second outing. Nonetheless, neither the renewal nor the cancelation is clearly communicated by the production house at this moment. With that said, the anime will take a while to return to our screens.

Season one includes 12 episode count and if it is anything to go by, the follow-up may consist of the same episode number if it gets a confirmation.

Fand may catch up on the thrill of season one on Funimation, NTV, Sun Tv, BS Nittele, AT-X, and MMT.

Death Parade Season 2 Plot details: What is it about?

The anime’s second chapter is delayed for several reasons. The lack of material content is one significant reason why the creators have not yet decided on its second part. Death Parade is not based on any manga, therefore, the second edition is taking this long. But once the anime makers have a clear idea about the next season, it will be smooth sailing for the anime. 

Currently, there are no definite plot details for season two of Death Parade, so we cannot anticipate its story arc. But let’s have a look at the plot of season one in the meanwhile.

Death Parade centers around Decim, an arbiter who is assigned a task to decide whether a dead person/ soul will go for reincarnation or send into the void. The anime does not have a concept of heaven or hell afterlife, but it portrays bartenders to whom souls who leave human bodies concurrently are sent. Decim is keen on creating mannequins of souls that he likes. His life changes for good when he meets Chiyuki, an assistant at the bartender. Season one’s end saw Chiyuki going for reincarnation. Thus, Chiyuki’s new life story can make up for an interesting side plot in season two. But nothing is confirmed yet. So, we suggest you keep watching this space for regular updates about Dearth Parade season 2.

Death Parade Season 2 Cast: Who is in the cast?

We have no concrete cast information for season two of Death Parade. Nevertheless, the original cast of the anime is likely to return for another season. Tomoaki Maeno as Decim and Asami Seto as the black-haired woman, Chiyuki. It is not certain just yet whether the English cast will also be in the cast for season two. Since the anime is still up in the air, such details may be out following an official announcement.

Yuzuru Tachikawa has developed as well as directed the series season one. Takuya Tsunoki has acted as the anime producer along with Toshio Nakatani amongst others. 

Trailer for Death Parade Season two

There is no trailer for Death Parade season two at the time of writing this. And it might not arrive until any further updates pop up. But you may check the sneak peek of season one and satisfy your hunger to an extent.

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