Dave Season 3 is Happening: Everything you need to know

Since the August airing of the season two finale of Dave, viewers globally are curious to see more of their favorite rapper artist on screens, David Burn (Lil Dicky) in season three, which was still up in the air until before a couple of days. Now that FXX has officially confirmed the third installment, fans are overwhelmed with joy. Having said that, we have put together every detail relating to Dave Season 3- its cast, premiere date, trailer, and more for our readers. So let’s get straight to every piece of information of Dave season three. 

Dave Season three Release date: When is it coming out?

Unfortunately, the official premiere date of part three has not been revealed yet. But our best-educated guess is that Dave will return sometime in 2023. Additionally, if things go smooth, fans could expect an early release date of the series. Hoping that the latter turns out true. 

Dave debted in March 2020 on FXX and reported an average of 5.32 million viewership every week, which made it the most trending series on the network. After its gangbuster success, the David Burd starring series was ordered for a sequel, that dropped in June 202. 

Each season consisted of a total 10-episode count, and thus, we assume that the third part will include more or less a similar episode number. It is also speculated that the showrunners may release the series on a different network than its predecessors. However, this is simply a conjecture, and nothing is yet confirmed. 

You can stream all the episodes of Season 1-2 on FXX while enjoying some weird jokes and laughter.

Dave Season three Plot: What is it about?

We saw David and his ex-girlfriend Ally’s relationship going in an unexpected direction. Season three could explore more of that story. However, we are much more interested in seeing Dave and his hype man, GaTa together after what happened in the final scenes of the last season. The two gave a powerful performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards. Now it seems that Dicky has an important task in season two after his first album failed to make it big. Another thing that fans can look forward to is his GaTa career as a rapper taking off.

Moreover, season three of David is going to be the funniest season on television. That’s exactly what David plans to make it. 

One can feel the hype of the fans for round three via this tweet from Dave’s official handle, which gave us an early hint of season 3’s renewal. 

Dave Season three Cast: Who is in the cast?

Presumably, Dave season third will feature the original cast of the series with Dave Burd ( Lil Dicky) playing a fictionized version of himself. It is quite predictable that Dave’s real-life hype-man, GaTa ( Davionte Ganter) will be joining him. Other main cast includes Andrew Santino as Mike, Dave’s roommate, and manager, Taylor Misiak as Dave’s girlfriend, Ally Wernick, Christine Ko as Ally’s room partner, Emma and Travis “Taco” Bennett as Elliot “Elz” as Dave’s old friend. 

Fans can also expect celebrity cameos much like its preceding seasons. But as of now, it is a surprise for us and the viewers as well who will appear in guest roles in the much-awaited season three. In the last seasons, fans saw Macklemore, Justin Bieber, Kevin Hart, Lil Yachty, J Balvin, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, and many others in guest appearances.

The show is co-created by David Burd and Jeff Schaffer, while the pair also execute produced the series along with Greg Mottola, Kevin Hart, Mike Hertz, Scott Manson, Saladin K. Patterson, and James Shin. In addition, Chris Smirnoff, Melanie Elin, and Corey Omer served as producers on the series. 

Dave Season three Trailer: When it is releasing?

We have no official teaser trailer available for Dave Season 3 at this moment. Given that the series is still at the early stage of production, a trailer may take a couple of more months. 

We shall update this blog as we hear more specifics about Dave Season 3. 

Till then, watch this space to get up-to-date information, gossip, and details from the world of anime, television shows, sitcoms, and more. Also, what do you expect from Dave season three? Share your opinions in the comments below. 


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