Dark Skies 2: Renewal Status and Release date updates?

Dull Skies is an enthusiastic, thriller film series. The film talks about The Barrett family. Their family includes mother Lacy, father Daniel, child Jesse, and the youthful child Sammy. They live on a quiet country road in an anonymous American city.


Daniel is unemployed. This makes it difficult for him to support his family. Both his children have a happy relationship. They talk to each other from their beds via a walkie-talkie.


The first part of the film Dark skies premiered on February 22, 2013. The film was written and directed by Scott Stewart. However, production is supervised by Jason Blum. Dark Skies features a number of stars, including Keri Russell, Josh Hamilton, Dakota Goyo, and JK Simmons.


The discussion regarding the second film is literally everywhere. Everyone is craving its second part. And why not? The first film arrives at the top level of gestures of recognition on the part of the viewers. Here are all the updates regarding the second film of Dark Skies. 

Dark Skies 2 release date: When’s it scheduled to premiere?

Regarding the release date of the second film, we haven’t had much information from the makers. However, in a recent interview, we see Scott Stewart answering a question from someone about the sequel. He said budget is not an issue as the bill for the movie is quite low.


He also recites one of Pollard’s dialogues “Sometimes they come back” which simply gives us the hint about Dark Skies 2.


However, if we were to speculate, we expect the series to air by 2023 or later. This again is just an estimate. We will update this space if any formal announcements are made. Stay tuned!

Dark Skies part 2 cast: Who’s going to be in it?

In the second part of the film, we are gonna see the old faces being featured. Keri Russell has a chance to be back in the movie as Lacy Barrett. Josh Hamilton as Daniel Barrett and Dakota Goyo as Jesse Barrett will also be back for the sequel. 


Kadan Rockett as Sammy Barrett, JK Simmons as Edwin Pollard, LJ Benet as Kevin Ratner, Rich Hutchman as Mike Jessop, Myndy Cristo as Karen Jessop, and Annie Thurman as Shelly Jessop.


In addition, we may also see other supporting actors in the “Dark Skies 2”. Jack Washburn as Bobby Jessop, Ron Ostrow as Richard Klein, Cary Quattrocchi as Martin Haldeman, Brian Stepanek as a security system technician, Judith Moreland as Janice Rhodes, Trevor St. John as Alex Holcombe and Alyvia Alyn Lind as a young daughter.

What to expect from the storyline of Dark Skies season two?

The first part of the story ends with a massive cliffhanger. It takes place in the life of Jesse. He’s the main character of the story. He is kidnapped by the immigrants. They try to contact her using her brother’s walkie-talkie. The second film will start from where the previous season left off. Let’s await more information from the makers. 

Where to watch Dark Skies? 

You may watch the film Dark Skies on Hulu. 

Will Dark Skies 3 be renewed or not?

The second part of the film is yet to premiere. Hence, there are no updates about Dark Skies 3 at the moment. 

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