Criminal Minds Season 17: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Updates

When we were all convinced that this is it for Criminal Minds, a reboot was announced soon after and we’re here for it. The series was at first believed to have ended with its 15th season and fans were deeply saddened by it and didn’t want the show to end. But upon learning the great news, it’s as if it’s not just the show that is being revived but we are as well as crave more brand new episodes of Criminal Minds.


Although the ten-episode part series revival was announced (which is considered season 16) there seem to be some issues with the deal-making but Nicole Clemens, President at Paramount+ Original Scripted Series, notified reporters that the Criminal Minds revival is “alive and well.”


“For 15 seasons, Criminal Minds was at the forefront of cutting-edge scripted drama as it explored the psychology behind the crime – thrillingly,” Clemens expressed in a statement. “The series never stopped evolving during its run, and we are beyond excited to bring it back into a new era with new stories for a new generation of viewers at Paramount+. Erica, the whole cast and creative team are building a season full of new twists that we are sure will electrify audiences.”


Is Season 17 of Criminal Minds Renewed? 


As of November 2022, there’s been no official word or news regarding the seventeenth season of Criminal Minds. The reason why the showmakers have not said anything about the potential upcoming season could be because the anticipated sixteenth season titled “Criminal Minds: Evolution” which is reported to be a reboot is currently airing after almost three years of hiatus. Fans last witnessed the fifteenth season back in January 2020. 


Coming back to the renewal status, we might probably need to wait for a while because it is up to Paramount+ to make the ultimate decision. Nonetheless, the series’ current season (season 16) will air through till February 2023. So once it finishes airing, an announcement will be provided, that’s what we hope for now. Anyhow, fans should not worry because the popular crime drama series will surely be back for more seasons, and given how fans love the series, the network won’t just end it abruptly. Stay tuned! 

Criminal Minds Season 17 Release Date: When is it?


There’s been no word concerning season 17 of Criminal Minds neither has it been renewed. So as of now, the release date has not been announced. 


Previously in an interview with Decider, actress Paget Brewster was asked about the status of the show and whether it’s happening or not.


The actress said, “It is! And some people have been hired in pre-production, but none of the cast has signed their contracts yet. So I believe that ABC and CBS are still working out a licensing agreement. They have a good faith, I believe, that we will be moving forward. We’ve been told, “Visit your family now, because, in a couple of months, it’s not gonna happen.” So we’re all very confident that it’s going to happen. But, y’know, nothing is real until you… Well, not even when you sign the contract! Once we’ve shot the first episode, that means that Criminal Minds is coming back. [Laughs.] That’s just how this business is! And it’s all stuff that’s out of our hands. Because we all agreed in November: “Yes, we’re all on board, we’re ready to sign.” So there’s clearly some other structure that needs to be figured out before we can start. But we’re all very, very optimistic.”


So yes, the release date for season 17 is not known as the official air date for season 16 is still yet to be announced.


Criminal Minds Season 17 Cast Members


The official cast line for season 17 is not confirmed but for season 16, the cast members confirmed are:


  • David Rossi will be played by Joe Mantegna

  • Penelope Garcia played by Kirsten Vangsness

  • Luke Alvez portrayed by Adam Rodriguez

  • Jennifer Jareau played by A.J. Cook

  • Tara Lewis portrayed by Aisha Tyler

  • Emily Prentiss is being portrayed by Paget Brewster


Matthew Gray Gubler won’t be returning as Dr. Spencer Reid revealed earlier that he was done with the show, and Daniel Henney who played Matt Simmons might also not return as he is busy with other shows.


Criminal Minds Season 17 Plot


Nothing is known when it comes to the storyline for Criminal Minds season 17 because season 16 which will probably leave an opening to continue the story is not even released yet and it is also difficult to predict what might happen in the 17th season without even knowing what happens in season 16. 


Stay tuned!


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