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Cricket Betting in India

Cricket is the most popular sport in India. With a population of over a billion in this country, the sport is considered to be the second most popular sport in the world compared to soccer. Cricket betting online is becoming increasingly popular. Matches are played all year round and the chances of betting are almost unlimited. Professional bettors make millions of dollars on cricket thanks to quality preseason analytics.

Betting on Cricket in India: Popularity and Benefits

As mentioned earlier, cricket is the most popular sport in India. This depends not only on historical factors but also on the insane success that cricket has achieved in India. Of course, it is in India that the most brilliant matches are played and the players reach gigantic heights in the sport. Bookmakers offer huge betting options on cricket, huge odds. That is why the user should consider betting on this sport. A little more about cricket is below.

A Little History of Cricket

The sport went through a long history before it was possible to bet on cricket. First appearing in the southwest of England in the seventeenth century, cricket suddenly became popular in the whole of England as well as in the British colonies. Eventually, even though the colonies gained independence, it did not affect on the development of the game, now India still has some of the strongest and most spectacular cricket teams.


Despite its popularity, cricket did not become an Olympic sport. More precisely, it was done only once, in 1900. Perhaps the reason for not including cricket in the list of Olympic sports is the following facts:


  • It is popular in only a few countries – India, England, South America, Australia, Pakistan, and others. 
  • A cricket match can last several days, which can make it difficult to make an accurate timetable.


However, now cricket, and betting on it, is a big multi-million dollar business. There are now international and national competitions, and fans of the sport cricket betting online, enjoy playing their favorite team. Currently, the most attractive for players and cricket fans are the top national team matches and T20 format matches in the Indian Premier League.

Cricket Rules

As already mentioned, cricket has a long history, during which the rules of the game have changed. In addition, some competitions are even now held under certain and separate rules. But the basis is always the same. To tell about all the variations of the existing rules in the world, for which we need certain articles is not necessary, but we should talk about the main points for all betting fans, from beginners to professionals.


In standard cricket matches, there are two teams, each with 11 players. All the action takes place in a circular stadium, and the grounds may vary in size. However, something remains the same: the center of the field is always a circle and its diameter is 20 meters. That is where all the attention is focused.


In cricket, the main roles are taken by bowlers (pitchers) and batsmen (hitters). The bowler pitches the ball using various pitching techniques, and the batsman’s main job is to hit the ball as far as possible. While the bowler catches the ball, the player with the bat must score points by running around the field.


The details of the rules are the subject of a separate article. But you should always know the basic terms:


  • The outfield is the small area in the center of the field where most of the activity takes place. He must have time to run over the kicker after a successful hit.
  • A run is a run made by a player holding the bat out of the outfield. One run is one point. 
  • Innings is one drawing of points. 
  • An over is a series of six pitches, after which a player replaces another player. 
  • A wicket is a small structure that the bowler hits, which excludes the player from playing with the bat.


To bet on cricket, a player not only needs to know the basics but also consider the nuances of certain competitions. If the bettor plans to make an effective and successful cricket bet, it is imperative to learn the format of the competition and all the peculiarities of the rules.

The Popularity of Cricket Betting in India

Cricket is the most common sport in India, its fans are millions of Indians. Hence the popularity of betting. But there are other reasons why cricket betting is so interesting to Indians:


  • The very exciting process of the game. The dynamics of the events taking place on the cricket field are very exciting, and the desire to bet from this only increases.
  • Great betting opportunities. The cricket line is very diverse. Excellent predictions with favorable odds and high odds of winning, even better if the player has certain skills predictors and sports analysts.
  • Cool Impressions. Betting on cricket is not only an opportunity to win if you win but also to increase the emotional state of the player. Winning with your favorite team is much more enjoyable!


Also, bookmakers often offer interesting promotions as well as cool bonuses that relate to cricket, they can only lead to additional interest in cricket.

How to Make a Profitable Cricket Bet?

All players want the betting to be not just winning, but as profitable as possible. Below are some useful tips suitable for beginners who are about to bet on cricket:

  • The bettor can choose live betting. According to bookmakers, about 70% of cricket bets are made in Live mode. It’s simple: cricket is a game where something can fail in any case. Thus, it is much more convenient to choose the right outcome with favorable odds in Live mode.
  • Get bonuses from bookmakers. Huge bookmakers, and not only those who specialize in cricket, offer their customers various bonus offers. In particular, sign-up bonuses.
  • Carefully analyze upcoming events. Betting on cricket is an activity that requires knowledge. Therefore, before making a bet, try to analyze the statistics of the teams and the conditions of the tournament in maximum detail.


Betting on cricket is interesting and exciting entertainment for both ordinary fans of the game and professional players. On the site, the user will find all the necessary information that will allow him to bet on cricket.


Thus, cricket betting has long been popular among Indian viewers. Cricket is the favorite sport of Indians. Bookmakers offer the best odds, and the best betting options just for this sport. With cricket betting online, the user will always have an opportunity to score a huge score. 

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