Covert Affairs Season 6: Renewed or Cancelled?

Covert Affairs’ fifth and sadly, the last chapter was not what we call a proper wrap-up to the spy drama series. In the final episode, we saw the protagonist Annie deciding between one of the two or both offers made to her by Ryan McQuaid and Joan regarding her personal and professional lives respectively. Her last words “I got it” left us with more questions than answers. Unfortunately, we never get to know which of the proposals the CIA agent opted for. And there is a slim possibility that the conclusion is not changing. Though the creators, Matt Corman and Chris Ord wanted to tell the stories of their beloved characters forever, Universal Cable Productions had something else in their minds. With the show’s ratings hitting an all-time low, the producers were quick to order the cancelation of the series.

Release date?

In January 2015, the fans had their bittersweet moment when the news pour in. Because weren’t there more stories to tell and hear? Corman and Ord had discussed their plans for bringing back Annie’s sister and nieces in a potential sixth installment. The ending has particularly left audiences to project what they want for the protagonist’s future. Although the climax of the series was not satisfying, there is a possibility for a sixth part in some way in the future. That said, here’s everything you must know regarding Covert Affairs’ cancelation, possible renewal, and the release date of its next back of episodes. 

Why the USA network canned Covert Affairs season six?

Covert Affairs has been one of the longest-running series in the USA. It dealt with increasing cost issues that typically come with old series. As the series go on releasing season after season, their production expenses grow drastically. For a series that has been filmed in different global locations, the rising cost becomes a deciding factor as to whether renew it for another season or not. Moreover, the decline in the show’s ratings from 1.8 million to 1.5 million showed that the show was failing to fetch the desired numbers. Its early chart showed that on average, 5 million viewers tuned in to its prior seasons. However, there was a drop in its live and same-day ratings from season 4 to the next season that determined its discontinuation for a sixth run. But are not we delighted that the show gave us something to hold on to, a bunch of characters who have grown, evolved, and eventually met their natural ends by the series’ closure? 

Covert Affair Season 6 Possible Plotline

Covert Affair’s closing scene was something of a cliffhanger with Arther having plans to run for Senate, Auggie and Annie’s romantic relationship drawing to an end, and Annie getting serious for someone again considering her track record with poor relationships where either the guy dies or suffers fatal injuries. What’s more? Auggie is leaving CIA but could he after working tirelessly for something he loves? Though the series might have concluded, the fans are having a hard time pondering what’s next for the characters. At this point, we know that the end is also a beginning, it is just a matter of time until the makers and production join back to make things work.

Know what the creators, EP, and main cast have to say about Covert Affairs show’s coming to an end. 

Ord: “Sad to not be continuing our #CovertAffairs journey together. thanks to USA, UCP, and all of you wonderful fans for your love & support!”

Matthew Corman: “#CovertAffairs fans – We loved making the show for you. It has been an amazing journey. Your support & passion mean everything xoxo – MC”

Piper Parabo: “Thanks for all love for @CovertAffairs I will miss it but am so happy to have made so many great friends through it. Love you guys, XP”

Peter Gallagher: “Thanks to all for a great run on #CovertAffairs. I’ll miss those ops covert and otherwise and you. See you at the next one!”

We have to accept at some point that this is how it is. The drama is not returning and we have made peace with this fact because it will merely hurt us to think about the what-ifs. However, the series lasted five installments, it is no less than a feat.

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