Coroner Season 5: Release date and Cast updates?

CBC’s Coroner left the audience disappointed after the series has not been renewed for a fifth installment. Its predecessor season dropped in January 2022, and since then, there is no news about the series’ future. However, in June 2022, it was revealed that the lead, Serinda Swan left the show, leaving fans wondering whether the Canadian crime drama will ever return. So far, there is little known about Coroner season 5, yet we have put together everything that is known about it below.

Why Serinda Swan left the show after four installments?

According to reports, Serinda Swan has decided to venture into directing, which has made the fate of the series uncertain. Without Jenny Cooper, could there be a Coroner? For the unvetted, the series is based off of the published material, Jenny Cooper crime novels by M.R. Hall. Swan has played the titular character for four seasons. It is unlikely that the next part will see the light of day any soon. 


Since her departure, the producers are discussing what could be a way forward in absence of Swan. But there is no concrete picture of how things will go ahead.

Coroner Season 5’s release date: When is it possible premiere date?

There is no firm premiere date for Coroner’s future episodes given that the producers are still indecisive about how to continue the series without Serinda Swan. It appears that things will take time to take off from the ground, thus, it makes no sense to anticipate its possible date of return. At this point, our guess is just as good as yours. However, we are hopeful that it would happen sooner than later. 

Coroner season 5’s plotline: What is it about?

Nothing is known yet about what could be a plotline for season five. But it is a safe bet to say that things will pick off from where they left off in the previous season. Jenny Cooper will go about connecting with the dead to understand her own life. It is very early to predict the storyline fully. Because there is a slim chance that the creators could discard the original material entirely and pen down a different story with new characters. In that case, the story depends upon what the creators want the audience to see. So, better watch this space for more.


Coroner Season 4’s plot synopsis read as “Dr. Jenny Cooper (Serinda Swan), fresh from recent loss but determined to start anew, tackles a myriad of new mysterious cases while ring-leading the circus that is her life. To cope with grief, she buries her way into work but a new face in the office causes Jenny to re-examine her relationship with life and death. Jenny will move from isolation to openness and realize that the voices of the dead can help her to make sense of the life she is living.” We had a great season, but our curiosity remains unquenched. 

Coroner 5’s Cast: Who is in the cast?

Though there is no update about the cast for season five, we have reasons to believe that the old cast will return for another outing. Roger Cross would be Donovan McAvoy, Lovell Adams-Gray again as Dr. Dwayne Allen, Kiley May must be River Baitz, Tamara Podemski would be Alison Trent, Ehren Kassam would be Ross Khalighi, Éric Bruneau must be Liam Bouchard, Morwyn Brebner.


There is one character, Jenny Cooper who is probably not returning. But fans will dearly miss her and her antics. It is unclear who will fill in the void. 


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