Coco 2: Release Date 2022, Cast, and All Details

Disney and Pixar’s 2017 movie ‘Coco’ was a massive success when it came out and was estimated to be over $750 million at the box office worldwide. It wasn’t only just a financial success but the audience loved and enjoyed this movie and since then fans have been looking forward to a possible sequel. 


It is also worth mentioning that Coco received many notable accolades such as the Golden Globes, BAFTAs, and most importantly it earned two Oscars for two categories; Best Animated Film, and Best Original Song ‘Remember Me.’


With such incredible achievements from ‘Coco,’ it is more than deserving to justify a second movie. But are the filmmakers and producers up for a sequel? Let’s find out below–


When Is The Release Date For Coco 2? 


It’s been a long wait of more than four years and till now there’s no concrete information or any official confirmation concerning a possible sequel. It’s not known whether or not Coco 2 is in development yet or if there are enough materials to create a new movie but given the massive success of the first movie, it’s highly likely that a sequel will happen although it might take a while. 


Coming back to the release date, it’s expected that fans would get to see the new movie sometime in 2023 at the earliest. 


The Cast & Characters of Coco 2: Who Will Be In It?


The official cast line is yet to be revealed but it’s anticipated that all the major characters that appeared in the first film will return in the possible sequel as well including–


  • Anthony Gonzalez will return as the voice of Miguel

  • Gael García Bernal voices Héctor

  • Benjamin Bratt will voice Ernesto de la Cruz

  • Alanna Ubach will voice the character of Mamá Imelda

  • Renée Victor will be voicing Abuelita

  • Ana Ofelia Murguía will voice Mamá Coco

  • Libertad García Fonzi will voice young Coco

  • Edward James Olmos voices Chicharrón

  • Alfonso Arau will return as the voice of Papá Julio

  • Dyana Ortellí will voice Tía Victoria

  • Herbert Sigüenza will voice Tíos Oscar and Felipe

  • Jaime Camil will voice Papá

  • Sofía Espinosa will voice Mamá

  • Luis Valdez will voice Tío Berto and Don Hidalgo

  • Carla Medina will voice the characters of Gloria and as a Departure Agent

  • Polo Rojas voices the characters of Abel, Berto and Carmen’s oldest son

  • Montse Hernandez voices the characters of Rosa, Berto and Carmen’s sole daughter Lombardo Boyar voices Plaza Mariachi and Gustavo

  • Octavio Solis voices Arrival Agent

  • Gabriel Iglesias will voice Clerk

  • Cheech Marin voices Corrections Officer

  • Carla Medina voices Departure Agent

  • Natalia Cordova-Buckley will voice Frida Kahlo

  • Salvador Reyes will voice as a Security Guard


What To Expect in Coco 2?


Actor Alonso Martinez revealed in an interview, “We started Coco with a simple idea: a love letter to Mexico, for all the beauty of its people, customs, and depth of love.”


He continued: “If given the opportunity, I would jump at the chance. I’m hoping for a sequel, even if I’m not a part of it. I’d want to learn more about Miguel — what he’s doing and what he’s up to,” he added. “I’m curious about his bond with his new baby sister,” said Gonzales.


Needless to say, we’re positive that a sequel will take place but we all need to be patient and wait for further announcements.

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