Close Enough season 3: Release date and all you need to know

Created by J.G. Quintel, Close enough is an adult animated sitcom, that made its way to HBO Max, in July 2020. Because of the show’s popularity, it was quickly renewed for a second installment that premiered to rave reviews in February 2021. Fortunately, the sitcom was greenlit for a third edition ahead of the premiere of its second part. And fans could not be happier, however, there is no formal statement confirming when will the animated sitcom return for round three? With that information in mind, here’s what we know so far about Close Enough Season 3 from its possible plot to cast, and more:


Release date for Close Enough Season three

As aforementioned, the creators have not revealed the release date for Close Enough season three. Nevertheless, if the creators follow a similar release timeline, fans could hope to see the third installment by Q4 of 2022, or fall of 2023, at the earliest. 


The last seasons had a gap of seven months between each other, thus we believe that the third part will be premiered sooner than later. All the previous seasons include eight episodes, with a runtime duration of 22-24 minutes. With that, the upcoming season may follow a similar episode count. But nothing is yet confirmed regarding it. 

You may catch up on the animated sitcom on HBO Max. It is also available for streaming on Netflix. 


Plot of Close Enough Season three


Close Enough centers around a Los-Angeles based couple, Emily and Josh, who share their duplex with Alex, and Bridgette, the estranged pair. Every episode focuses on one or another problem of one lead character, from relationships to old age to child nurture. What begins as a regular episode, turns out with unexpected twists, with several science-fiction elements. The animated series has abounded adult jokes, and humor, that keeps the audience hooked till the end. Although we have a sneak suspicion that the next part will continue from where it left off, creators have been wary to not give away much about its future plot synopsis. With that, you may keep checking with us till we hear more specifics about the plot and related information of Close Enough 3. 


Cast of Close Enough Season three

While fans are keen to see the main cast of Close Enough for the third part, the voice actors, and the series creators are tight-lipped about the casting details. However, we anticipate that the primary family comprising Joshua Singleton, an employee at Plugger inners, a tv installation firm, Emily Ramirez, Joshua’s spouse, who is inspired by the creator’s wife, she works for a food company, FoodCorp, and Candice Singleton-Ramirez, the pair’s daughter who studies at an elementary school. They are likely to be joined by Alex Dorpehbenger, Josh’s close friend, and his ex-spouse, Bridgette Yoshida, Pearle Watson, the duplex’s landlady, and Randell Watson, Pearle’s adopted child. The animated sitcom also features a slew of recurring characters including Mr. Salt, Mr. Timothy Campbell, Dr. Glandz, Jojo, and Trish. Looking at the last seasons, guest appearances have also been a crucial part of the series. Thus, it is safe to say that part two will also feature guest stars in different roles. 


Trailer for Close Enough Season three

The trailer for Close Enough Season three is not yet released. But we shall keep you posted when the trailer-teaser is out. So, be sure to watch this space more often.


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