Clarkson’s Farm season 2: Release date, Cast, and updates you need to know

Jeremy Clarkson has garnered positive reviews for his latest Amazon Prime documentary show, Clarkson’s Farm. Jeremy is widely known for its BBC show, Top Gear, and Amazon Prime show, The Grand Tour. The Amazon documentary follows Clarkson doing something he is not fully sure of – farming his land in Cotswolds. It is a mix of humor, and an element of originality that keeps the viewers hooked to the series till the end. Clarkson’s Farm made its first appearance in June 2021 and since then fans are wondering whether there will be more episodes of the British series or not. Fortunately, the network has greenlit the show in July 2021, and currently, it is in the works. With that, here is everything that is known so far about Clarkson’s Farm season two:

Release date of Clarkson’s Farm Season two: When will it premiere?

Although no official date of airing for season two is yet been announced, we see it arriving on the streaming service sometime in the summer of 2022. Jeremy Clarkson has confirmed that the filming will take time and fans cannot expect to see it anytime soon. Nonetheless, the show is less likely to be hampered by production delays caused by the Covid pandemic similar to its predecessor. The first season of the series began filming in 2019 and took nearly two years to hit Amazon Prime. So while we wait for the second season, we can tune in to season one and enjoy the eight episodes.

Cast for Clarkson’s Farm Season two: Who will be in it?

Jeremy has revealed the casting news for season two of Clarkson’s Farm is one of his Instagram videos. It appears that all the original cast will return for another season of the series. With that, Jeremy Clarkson will be joined by Kaleb Cooper, one who has a keen interest in farming. In an interview, Cooper said he would love to be on television as long as it is something to do with farming. Cooper and Clarkson’s banter has kept things light on the series. Besides them, Gerald Cooper, the dry stone wall expert whose Westcountry accent is hard to comprehend, will also return to the series along with Charlie (Cheerful Charlie), a source of immense knowledge of farm management. Lisa Horan, Jeremy’s partner in real life, will also assist Jeremeny with the farm shop. 

However, we see two new cast members for season two- a white cow (Pepper) and a brown cow added to the farm family. 

Gavin Whitehead serves as a director on the series season one, we predict that Whitehead will reprise his role in the next season as well.

Plot for Clarkson’s Farm season two: What will it be about?

Clarkson’s Farm season two is likely to focus on more farm knowledge. We believe that the future episodes will be as fun to watch as its last set of episodes with the farm characters working together on another farm project. Cooper has posted a suspicious picture of a broken brown gate on his social media handle that gives us a slight hint towards where the series would be heading. The picture was posted with the caption, “all things were going well until someone chose to not like the brown gate.’ Fans are eagerly looking forward to the farm, its adventures, and mishaps with Jeremy figuring out how to do farming. 

Trailer for Clarkson’s Farm Season two

No trailer for season two of Clarkson’s Farm has yet been out. But we shall keep you posted as soon as more information about season two is made public. Till then, keep checking this space for more. Also, tell us in the comment section below what do you expect from season two of Clarkson’s Farm?


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