City of Ghosts Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Horror is a fascinating genre. Although it scares you to the core and gives you chills, you still want to experience it. This is what makes the genre available in several forms today. ‘City of Ghosts’ is an animated TV show launched on Netflix under the children’s category.

The first season of the show was launched on March 5, 2021. Apart from horror, the genres involved in the show are fantasy and comedy. It is created by Elizabeth Ito and directed by Luis Grane. The music of the show has been composed by Michael Andrews whereas the editing has been done by Hugo Morales. It has a total of 6 episodes namely the following-

  • Ep01- The Sort of Japanese Restaurant
  • Ep02- Venice
  • Ep03- Leimert Park
  • Ep04- Tovaangar
  • Ep05- Bob & Nancy
  • Ep06- Koreatown

Each episode involves a group of kids contacting different ghosts across the town they live in to discover numerous stories. The first episode is about a restaurant where the phantom trouble the owner and the ghost club created by the kids finds out the mystery. The second episode is set around the beach in Venice where a sudden disappearance of a skater kid takes place. The 3rd episode talks about how the ghost club created by the kids investigates certain experiences. The 4th episode talks about how a character contacts his long lost ancestors. The 5th episode involves solving issues between a mother and her daughter while the final episode is about a music teacher who aims to find her missing friend who happens to be a ghost. All the episodes are highly entertaining and interesting.

Being popular and entertaining, the demand for the show is already at its peak. Fans have been hunting down every piece of information regarding the show. But nothing has been made official or confirmed yet.

City of Ghosts season 2 release date: When is it?

There has been no news regarding the release date of the second season of the show. Being launched in 2021, it can be assumed that the show can be launched further in 2022. Based on the renewal criteria of Netflix, if the demand for the show remains good then there will definitely be a second season.

City of Ghost Season 2 trailer

As far as now, there hasn’t been any confirmation regarding the trailer launch date or first look launch date. There has not been any teaser launch as well.

About the cast and plot expectations 

As there is no valid or confirmed information out, nothing can be stated about the cast as well. There might be a change but as far as the theme is concerned, the show will remain the same. The ghost club might have the same characters and the kids might remain the same as well.

Lastly, it is important to note that the making of the second season is still in progress. Therefore, the plot is also in progress right now. With such huge expectations of the audience, it is also important to understand that the makers are putting heavy effort into every detail and once the assurance of a good comeback hits them, the information will be out. Fans are requested to wait and have patience.

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