Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd to join hands again as Cast for ‘Zombie Town’

Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd are being reunited once again for an upcoming movie.


The duo of actors Chase and Aykroyd will appear in “Zombie Town”, a movie inspired by the storybook by author R.L. Stine which is currently said to be in production in Ontario, Canada. One source close to the position informs Entertainment Weekly that Chase’s deal is being completed.


This is the first movie that will star Chase and Aykroyd to film together after about three decades. The actors were last seen together in the 1991 horror-comedy film “Nothing But Trouble”, which Aykroyd helmed and wrote. A film that was bombarded by critics, including Entertainment. Aykroyd and Chase were also seen together on 1985’s “Spies Like Us” and 1988’s “Caddyshack 2”.


“The joy of working with him again is one that I am extremely excited about,” said Aykroy. “Chevy is one of my favorite people, and one of the great anarchistic and physically committed comedians in the business.” This all could be true, but he’s built up quite a reputation for being known as rude and demanding on sets, as disclosed by the co-stats of ‘‘Community”.


Other actors who have also joined the cast are Marlon Kazadi (Riverdale, Supergirl) and Madi Monroe will play two teen main roles alongside co-stars Scott Thompson and Bruce McCulloch.


“We are delighted to bring the pages of R.L. Stine’s Zombie Town to the screen and equally thrilled to be working with such an exceptional cast and crew on this production,” Founder of Trimuse Entertainment and executive producer John Gillespie expressed in a statement. “A three-time Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award winner with book sales of over $500 million, R.L. Stine has a phenomenal track record of crafting stories that engage and entertain audiences.”


Currently, the official release date for “Zombie Town” has not been announced yet but the movie will premiere exclusively in the US theatres and it will later be available for viewing on Hulu. Take a look at the official summary of “Zombie Town”:


“This used to be such a nice, quiet town. But that was before all the zombies. When twelve-year-old Mike and his friend, Karen, go to see a horror movie called Zombie Town, the last thing they expect is for the title characters to come down off the screen and chase them through the theater. And it’s not popcorn these hungry creatures want to chomp on—it’s human brains!”, the official summary described.


“Now Mike and Karen frantically try to flee through the panicked streets of their hometown before shuffling bands of zombies turn every last citizen into a ravenous flesh-eater. But if Mike thinks he’ll be safe once he reaches his house and warns Mom and Dad, he’d better think again. When the zombies say it’s lunchtime, no home is safe! Zombie Town is R.L. Stine’s delightfully spooky take on the horror genre that’s infecting the world, bite by bite.”

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