Chainsaw Man Anime: Release Date, Cast & Plot

The highly anticipated manga-adapted anime series Chainsaw man has finally been given the green light. The launch of the series is expected to the biggest anime release for this year. The chainsaw man is an A-listed popular Japanese manga series. The manga sells around 11 million copies worldwide.


Fans could never get enough of the dark plot of the manga, which involved brutal scenes, well-developed characters, and a fast-paced storyline. As a result, the popularity of the manga series has finally received its eager awaited anime adaptation. Here’s everything that you need to know about the upcoming release.

Chainsaw Man: Release Date

Rumors and speculations have been doing rounds in the markets about the anime adaptation of the manga series. The speculations have finally received confirmation with news of the adaptation of the manga series. The news of the anime adaptation was released in 2020. As per sources, whenever an anime announcement is made, then it is released in a year or two.

Chainsaw Man

If this trend is followed, then the news of chainsaw man announced in 2020 then its release is likely to happen by next year. Although no official date has been yet given regarding the release of the new anime, expectations are that the release would happen by Summer 2022.

Chainsaw Man: Cast

 Till now, no official cast has been announced for the new series. The series is still under production and is being created by MAPPA. They have been known for the creation of popular anime Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan season 4.  This hints that the cast would have a great voice-over artist as the team members.

chainsaw man anime

Anime tv announced that the anime would feature Ryu Nakayama as director, Makoto Nakazono as chief director, Hiroshi Seko as screenplay writer, Kazutaka Sugiyama as character design, Tatsuya Yoshihara as an action director, and Kensuke Ushio as music director. The team is likely to include big names as part of the cast. However, fans have to wait till the official casting is released.

Chainsaw Man: Plot

The first season of the series would follow the story first part of the manga series. The series would show Denji’s origin when Denji’s father is stuck with massive debt due to his father’s death. He has no way of paying it back.

Chainsaw man

So Denji, with the help of a devil dog Pochita becomes a devil hunter for Yakuza. In a sudden duel, he is killed by the devil, but his faithful dog sacrifices himself to revive his master. Denji is now reborn as a human devil hybrid as a chainsaw man.  The trailer for the anime is out and already has 2 million views on it. The trailer hypes up the anticipation for the film.

Chainsaw Man Trailer

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