CBS officially cancels American crime drama series ‘Scorpion’ after 4 seasons

CBS has officially cancelled the American crime procedural drama series ‘Scorpion’ after four successful. Premiered in 2014, ‘Scorpion’ is an American crime procedural drama series that revolves around the chilling undercover and case-solving adventures of O’Brien and his team ‘The Scorpion’. The team consists of super skilled individuals who hail from different backgrounds and work together as a team to save lives and solve challenging criminal cases.

Created by Nick Sanotra, ‘Scorpion’ was officially cancelled by the streaming platform CBS. CBS made the official statement about the cancellation of the show on May 12, 2018.

Why was ‘Scorpion’ cancelled?

One of the main reasons why the crime drama series ‘Scorpion’ got cancelled was the constantly declining viewership and audience figures. No platform would be willing to continue with a show that only has declining viewers. Hence, ‘Scorpion’ was cancelled. When ‘Scorpion’ was initially released, it got a wide fanbase due to the interesting plotlines, characters and different personalities. After four successful runs, there was a significant decline in the viewership numbers. Furthermore, CBS just made the situation even worse and ended the show on a cliffhanger.

In its debut season, ‘Scorpion’ was the most watched series on CBS network and had managed to create a huge and wide fanbase amongst the audience ever since it initial premiere. The CBS Primetime executive vice president at that time Kelly Kahl also compared the show ‘Scorpion’ to ‘The Big Bang Theory’. She said, “We really looked at it as kind of an extension of The Big Bang Theory, but in the drama world.”

However, by the time ‘Scorpion’ season 4 finale had premiered, the tables turned, and ‘Scorpion’ entered the list of CBS’s least watched shows.

Cast Members’ Reaction to the Cancellation of ‘Scorpion’

All the cast members of the crime drama series seemed to have peacefully accepted the early and abrupt end of the show. Kathrine McPhee who played the character of waitress Paige tweeted, “Thank you so much to @CBSfor this journey, to my awesome cast mates and crew whom I learned from every day and to all the wonderful @ScorpionCBS fans for being so passionate about what we created. we’ll always be a family. #TeamScorpion”

Check out the tweet below:

Another cast member Robert Patrick also tweeted his reaction to the news of the cancellation of the show. He tweeted, “Thank you to all the fans! The writers, the crew, the cast, and @CBS  it’s been a great story to tell and a hell of a run! On to the next! #loveya #TeamScorpion @ScorpionCBS.”


So, its official that we will not be getting to see new episodes of ‘Scorpion’ anytime soon. However, fans of the show can still delve into the old episodes and reminisce some of the favorite moments from their favorite crime series.

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