Can We Expect ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ Season 2?

Some series stay in your heart no matter how short the timeline. Even 1 episode can sometimes keep the viewer stuck due to its engagement and brilliant portrayal. ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ is one such TV series on Netflix that is being binged watched by several people right now. It is a documentary series divided in 5 parts where different characters are shown dealing with their roommates. These roommates happen to criminals in one way or the other.


The series reflects upon the unfortunate events in the lives of certain individuals. Some of the incidents are intensely disturbing and spine chilling. It also leaves you a bit paranoid about people in general. The series is somewhat similar to the genres like thriller and hair raisers. With such cliff hanging episodes, it is obvious for the fans to expect another season to experience the thrill again. 


Here’s what we know about season 2 till now-

Is it likely to happen or not?


Is Season 2 Of Worst Roommate Ever Renewed?


As of now, the series is yet to be renewed. We know a lot of fans are constantly surfing the internet for one piece of news regarding the show. Several tweets and posts are already being made applauding different parts of the episodes. A lot of articles and news reports already state predictions and assumptions but as far as we know, nothing has been confirmed till now. There hasn’t been any official news regarding the series.


When Is The Air Date For Season 2 of Worst Roommate Ever?


Based on the current reviews and buzz, it is quite likely to expect another season of the show. Additionally, there are rare times when a TV series ends with a single season. This makes us remain positive about the renewal of the second season. Some articles state that there is a possibility of the show to be released in late 2022 or mid 2022. It can also take place in early 2023. If it gets a bit later than that, then there is a possibility of the show not happening at all.


Series like the Worst Roommate Ever happen less often. This makes it rare and more likely to be watched by different kinds of audiences across the world. This fact has not only kept the viewers hooked to its possibility but also the makers consider the process. There hasn’t been a take off on the plan but fans and followers can expect more positive announcements in the future rather than negative. Lastly, we hope the announcement comes out really soon and clarifies the waiting.


Where Can I Watch Worst Roommate Ever Season 2?


All episodes of the first season are available to watch on Netflix. If the series is renewed for a second season, it’s most likely that it’ll land on Netflix as well.

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