Buried in Barstow 2: Can we expect a sequel to come soon?

Buried in Barstow is an American comedy, drama, adventure, and mystery film that debuted on June 4, 2022 (United States). Set in North Carolina, USA, the film was highly appreciated and immensely loved by the audience and critics. 

The storyline of the series follows: “Hazel King, a single mother determined to protect her daughter from the life she once had while defending and protecting those who can’t protect themselves.”

It stars Angie Harmon, Lauren Richards, Kristoffer Polaha, George Paez, Gabriel ‘G-Rod’ Rodriguez, Bruce McGill, and Ben Cain as the lead star cast of the film.

Will there be a second chapter of Buried in Barstow?

Lifetime Television has not announced any official confirmation regarding the renewal of the second chapter of the film, Buried in Barstow. However, Angie Harmon confirmed that Part 2 will begin filming this June, but there is no known premiere date for the sequel yet. 

Buried in Barstow 2 Cast

As of this writing, the official star cast list of the second edition of the film has not been revealed by the production team or the makers of the show. However, considering the situation at which the first edition of the film ended, we might expect the return of almost all the cast members. That said, the upcoming chapter’s cast members would be:

  • Angie Harmon will play as Hazel King

  • Lauren Richards will play as Joy King (as Lauren Ashley Richards)

  • Kristoffer Polaha will play as Elliot

  • George Paez will play as Javier

  • Timothy Granaderos will play as Travis

  • Gabriel ‘G-Rod’ Rodriguez will play as Phil (as Gabriel Rodriguez)

  • Bruce McGill will play as Von

  • Ben Cain will play as Perry Gamble

  • Anthony Reynolds will play as Walter Chernov

  • Nelson Bonilla will play as Deputy Navarro

  • Exie Booker will play as Carl

  • Matthew Cornwell will play as Willy

  • Brendan Patrick Connor will play as Rudy

  • Scott Hunter will play as Kurt

  • Casey Mills will play as Conrad

  • Olivia Hawthorne will play as Faith (as Olivia Lytle)

  • Bronsonn Taylor will play as Perry’s Bodyguard (as Bronsonn James-Alexander Taylor)

  • Jessica A. Caesar will play as Simone (as Jessica Caesar)

  • Mylea Hardy will play as Claire

  • Amy Patterson will play as Young Hazel

  • Curtis Lyons

Buried in Barstow 2 Release Date?

The very first chapter of this franchise was released on June 4, 2022, which proved to be a huge hit in terms of Box Office. The production of Buried in Barstow reported the film crossed over $300 million box office collection within the first week of release across the globe. The second chapter of the film, currently is one of the most awaited film of 2022. 

Precisely talking about the release date of Buried in Barstow 2, part 2 will begin filming this June, but there is no known premiere date for the sequel yet.

Buried in Barstow 2 Trailer?

As the release date hasn’t been announced, the promotional teaser or trailer isn’t out yet. It will premiere after 2-3 months when the official release date of the show has been finalized.

As soon as we get any confirmation, we will update you guys. Until then, stay tuned for other potential news updates and gossip!


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