Britain’s Greatest Obsessions Season 2: Is it renewed? Updates to know

The sixth episode series of “Britain’s Greatest Obsessions” glimpses a host of well-known celebrities exploring the unique British fetishes and devotions to discover what makes the British tick. Each new epic celebrity guest host embarks on a pilgrimage through British history and culture, to discover how and why these matters have gotten so embedded in our joint intellect and nationwide individuality.


“We in this country are so proud and pleased with our sense of humour, for some reason we see it as another thing we’ve got over the rest of the world” Hill previously remarked.


“Where did that come from?! I’ve had so much fun talking to the experts and trying to find out… I have answers – and they’ll surprise you!”


Sayle, elucidating: “One of the reasons I came to this country was because I was curious about Britain’s obsession with not liking people who look like you.


“I found this to be a very evolved prejudice, much better than the simple racism I was accustomed to back home. I enjoyed exploring the many nuanced layers of the class system in Britain, and I am especially grateful to Comrade Alexei Sayle for coming along for the ride!”


Currently, the comedy show is still ongoing but fans are already anxious about whether or not the showrunners will make another season. Let’s find out below.


Is Season 2 of Britain’s Greatest Obsessions Renewed? 


Unfortunately, the program is yet to be renewed for a second run. However, fans need not worry as it is most likely that the show won’t be canceled after one season. But if the show is considered a limited series, chances are bleak for a new season and so far the showrunners have not said anything on this so let’s keep our fingers crossed. “Britain’s Greatest Obsessions” debuted on September 12, 2022, and will end on October 17, 2022.


The show is presented by Harry Hill. The featured guest in season one includes  Sharon Lockyer (as Dr Sharon Lockyer), Henning Wehn, Bonnie Langford, Nida Manzoor, Paul Wheeler, Holly Burn, John Kearns, John Styles, Robert, Reginald D Hunter, Lorraine Kelly, Chris Packham, Graham McPherson (as Suggs), and Liza Tarbuck. 


The TV documentary is helmed by Marcus Liversedge    with Meriel Beale    as the series editor. “Britain’s Greatest Obsessions” is executive produced by Martin Oxley, Murray Boland, Mobashir Dar, Harry, and Danielle Lux.


Britain’s Greatest Obsessions Season 2 Release Date


There is no release date for season 2 of Britain’s Greatest Obsessions since the program is still awaiting its renewal confirmation from the Sky History network. 


However, if it gets ordered before the end of this year, the new season is expected to arrive between mid or late 2023.


How Many Episodes Are There in Season One of Britain’s Greatest Obsessions?


The first season of Britain’s Greatest Obsessions consists of a total of six episodes. The list of episodes are–


  • Episode 1:Harry on Humour    

  • Episode 2: Suggs on Pubs    

  • Episode 3: Chris on Pets    

  • Episode 4: Lorraine on WW2    

  • Episode 5: Reginald on Class    

  • Episode 6: Liza on Weather

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