Boys Over Flowers Season 2: Renewal Status, Release date, and other updates

The South Korean drama Boys Over Flowers became a huge cultural phenomenon across Asia when the series ran for a 25-episode season. The mega-hit drama series was launched way back in 2009 and to this day fans still burst out with excitement over a casual cast get-together on social media. This K-drama also proved to be a source of inspiration as it has generated several remakes and foreign languages adaptations 


Upon release, Boys Over Flowers earned massive attention and managed to build a strong fan following around the world, which also boosted the actor’s rise to fame instantly. The series was broadcasted in many countries and that’s how the K-drama fever slowly started to affect. Here’s what we know about Season 2 of Boys Over Flowers.


Renewal Status 


Fast forward, it’s been more than a decade, and it appears that fans who have watched this drama are still hopeful that a second season will return at some point although we haven’t got any updates about its renewal status so far. 


As of June 2022, the series is neither canceled nor renewed. 


Will there be a Season 2 of Boys Over Flowers?


Nevertheless, despite all the recognition, the producers of this hit Korean romance drama have yet to confirm any definite news about a  follow-up, even after 13 years. The Japanese manga series on which the series is based has stopped producing new chapters. However, if it does exist and the showmakers want to resume the story in the same time frame, then a second season may be possible but most likely with new faces and jump forward in time. So at this point, we’re not really sure about a second season happening but let’s patiently wait for official announcements.


Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Release Date: When is it?


The first season of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ was launched on January 5, 2009, on KBS. After airing for a total of 25 episodes, it came to an end with its last episode on March 31, 2009. Later, the series was launched for the US audience on the American version of KBS, and as of now, all 25 episodes are accessible for viewing on Netflix.


Nonetheless, all hope is not lost as the actors of the series have shared their experiences on Boys Over Flowers, in an interview with the male lead Lee Min-ho (via Korean), who is now a prominent actor in Korea credited that the series helped pave his career. “It’s definitely something I can be proud of,” he said. “I’ve been getting far more offers since Boys Over Flowers, and it’s also what helped grow my fan base, which is important.”


Even though a second season is not officially confirmed, fans were thrilled to discover that the hit romance drama series was just recently added to Netflix. Could this perhaps indicate that season 2 is happening? We wouldn’t know until we hear any news from the show producers.


The Cast of Boys Over Flowers Season 2


If a second season of Boys Over Flowers happens, it’s most likely that viewers will be introduced to whole new cast members. However, we also expect to see some of the old characters returning which include–


Season 1 Main Characters


  • Ku Hye-sun in the role of Geum Jan-di 

  • Lee Min-ho depicts Gu Jun-Pyo

  • Kim Hyun Joong acts as Yoon Ji-Hu

  • Kim Bum in the character of So Yi-Jung,

  • Kim Joon    plays Song Woo-bin

  • Kim So-eun portrays Chu Ga-eul


Season 1 Supporting Characters 


  • Im Ye-jin plays Na Gong-joo

  • Ahn Suk-hwan portrays Geum Il-bong

  • Han Chae-young acts as Min Seo-hyun

  • Lee Si-young illustrates Oh Min-ji 

  • Kim Hyun-joo portrays Gu Jun-hee

  • Lee Hye-young plays Kang Hee-soo

  • Lee Min-jung depicts Ha Jae-kyung




There was sad news about actress Jang Yeon known for her role as the female antagonist Park Sun-ja (aka Sunny) who took her own life while the series was still airing. The actress left a suicide memo and reports disclosing that she was continuously assaulted sexually against her consent and forced to have relationships with over thirty businessmen and executives. Her tragic demise left a deep impact and a big scar on the series.


Production Woes


In an interview with Asiae, the planning director of Boy Over Flowers Bae Jong-byung disclosed the drama series’ troubles. He stated that there was a major financial concern and that he was coerced to incorporate plenty of product arrangements as a means to keep the show on the air.


“Each episode costs nearly 280 million won to make and we were usually provided about 150 million per episode,” Bae Jong-byung explained. “Of the total 6.5 billion won in production costs, KBS provided us with less than 1.5 billion won. So we needed foreign investment and product placement.”


Bae Jong-byung also addressed the show’s video quality, and how he wishes to go back in time and redo them into better qualities. “The quality [bothers me]. There wasn’t enough time to work out details between the producer and writer,” he expressed. “It would have also helped to improve the picture and presentation. Time and money were always the main issues.”


Needless to say, it looks like expecting the second season of Boys Over Flowers is a far cry especially when the producers still haven’t said anything on this matter. But only time will tell.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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