What are the updates regarding Bosch season 8?

Bosch is an American drama television series on Amazon Prime Video created by Michael Connelly and developed by Eric Overmyer. The series is produced by Amazon Studios, Hieronymus Pictures and Fabrik Entertainment. The show has a total of 7 seasons and is the longest-running show on Amazon Original Series. The stars of the show are Titus Welliver, Amy Aquino, Jamie Hector, Lance Reddick. The series is very much appreciated by its viewers and has gained massive popularity over the years and has a rating of 8.4/10 on IMDb.

After seven long seasons, Detective Harry Bosch’s journey has come to an end. Bosch seventh season was the final season which premiered on June 25, but fans don’t have to feel sad about not seeing him anymore since there’s a spinoff to look forward to. 

In Bosch season 7 also the final season, Sonia Hernandez, the 10-year-old girl’s death in an arson fire emotionally damaged Harry. Throughout the final season, Harry becomes more aggravated and frustrated with the unfair rules and laws by the government. What happens next? IMDb TV will pick up the story from where the season 7 ended and for that matter Harry’s Bosch story will continue in a spin-off after quitting the police department. To know more about Bosch season 8, let’s dive into details.

Bosch Season 8: Is It Renewed?

Sadly, Bosch season 8 has not been renewed by Amazon. It was already confirmed that the show’s seventh season was the final season.

Bosch series is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. But the most important question remains, will season 8 happen?

Bosch Season 8 Speculations

There won’t be a Bosch season 8. Amazon has already ended the series after season 7.

But while a release date hasn’t been announced, Bosch new series was scheduled to begin filming later this year. So does that mean fans of the series can expect the return of the Bosch new series,  even after it was confirmed that season 7 will be the last? 

That being said, although Bosch has ended, the life story of Titus Welliver who plays Harry Bosch will continue on a spin-off. 

What is the Bosch spin-off: What is it about?

In the seventh season of the final episode, we witnessed Bosch leaving the police department and starting on a new journey as a private detective, that is until as long as the FBI doesn’t check his background.

In his new role we get to see him teaming up with his old enemy, but intelligent lawyer, Chandler.

The new series could follow a new career path for Harry Bosch’s daughter Maddie, as we saw in the final season she handed down an application to the police department.

Can We Expect A New Series of Bosch?

Guess what? Production has finally begun on the new series. Yes, you read that right!

This was officially confirmed by Connelly as showed fans a sneak peek of what the spin-off will look like. He shared a clip and wrote that Bosch’s new series spin-off is going to be a “new show” with the “same DNA.”

Where can I watch the spin-off? The new spin-off series of Bosch will commence on Amazon’s IMDb TV. You can watch it once the spin-off is available.

Even though there are still fans waiting for season 8 of Bosch, it looks like the series is canceled for good after the seventh season.

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