Blood & Water’ Season 3: Release Date and What Can We Expect?

Blood & Water is a South African crime drama TV series developed by Gambit Films which made its debut on Netflix on May 20, 2020. The six-episode season was heavily praised for its story progression and performance by the talented characters. The series is directed and screenplay by  Nosipho Dumisa-Ngoasheng, Daryne Joshua, Travis Taute, and Thati Peele who directed season 2.


The story takes place in Cape Town and revolves around a teenage girl who moves to a prestigious academy when she raises suspicion that one of the students may be her long sister, who was taken away when she was just a small child.


If you have binge-watched the previous season, we assume that you are looking forward to the next season and below we have all the details that are to know about season 3 of Blood & Water.


Blood and Water Season 3 Release Date: Is It Renewed?


As of now, Netflix has not provided any official announcement concerning the renewal of Blood & Water season 3. The second season was launched on September 24, 2021, and although several months have passed, Netflix is yet to determine whether or not to renew the series for another season run.


However, given the success and the major cliffhanger in the second season, the prospect of the series remains certain but in the end it all comes down to the ratings and viewership. But if renewed, it’s expected that the third season won’t be out until at the end of 2022 or sometime in 2023.


The Cast of Blood & Water Season 3: Who’s In It?


The cast who appeared in the first and second seasons are most likely to return if a third season is renewed which includes–


  • Ama Qamata in the role of Puleng Khumalo

  • Khosi Ngema will play the role of Fikile Bhele

  • Dillon Windvogel will reprise his role as Wade Daniels

  • Thabang Molaba will portray the role of Karabo “KB” Molapo

  • Arno Greeff will return as Chris Ackerman

  • Greteli Fincham will be back as Reece van Rensburg

  • Gail Mabalane will likely return as Thandeka

  • Getmore Sithole will likely reprise his role as Julius

  • Odwa Gwanya will likely play the role of Siyabonga


Additionally, we can also expect to see more new characters in the upcoming next season.


Blood & Water Season 3: Plot


In the episode finale of the previous season, a DNA test disclosed that Puleng and Fikile are in fact sisters who share the same mother but different fathers. We also witnessed that Fikile’s mother was abducted and interrogated about Puleng by Lisbeth. Meanwhile, Fikile was apprehended by the police during a party.


So, in season 3 of Blood & Water, we can anticipate the love triangle between Puleng, Wade, and KB. We might also find out the reason behind Lisbeth’s obsession for Puleng and why she wanted to get information about her from Fikile’s mother. There’s also a chance that we’ll get to see Fikile’s biological dad in the next season.


Where To Watch Season 3 of Blood and Water?


Blood & Water season 3 will be dropped on Netflix. You can also watch the first and second seasons on Netflix if you haven’t watched them yet. 

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