Bling Empire Season 3 To Be Renewed Or Not?

Shows like “Bling Empire” stay with the audience due to an amazing hooking plot and characters. With the news of the second season on board already, talks about the third season are in the town and no one is quite sure if it’s gonna happen or not. The basic story of the show revolves around wealthy people. These are Asian and Asian-American people in Los Angeles who are fun-seekers.

Produced under Jeff Jenkins Production, the show has a star cast consisting of Kevin Taejin Kreider, Kane Lim, Christine Chiu, Gabriel Chiu, Kelly Mi Li, Anna Shay, Cherie Chan, Jessey Lee, Kim Lee, Andrew Gray and more. The main protagonist happens to be a model in South Korea whereas others happen to be a real estate person, philanthropist, entrepreneur, blogger, hairdresser, songwriter etc.

Season 1 had 8 episodes and season 2 will be out soon. Now, the hype about season 3 is gathering and everyone wants to know if that will happen or not. As per the creator and producer Jeff, there is no sign of closing the show any time soon. Second season is already going to leave a lot of plot and might give hints for the future as well. Season 2 was assured by the team in March of 2021 and therefore, it will be here anytime soon.

Is Season 3 happening soon? 

Regarding the third season, no one has assured or confirmed anything yet. The launch of season 2 itself has been a major hassle for the team and the producers, heading for another season this soon might not be an option. While on the one hand, the second season which is launching on May 13, 2022 may possibly spill a lot of secrets and fun storylines with more personal and private stories, news of 3 is still to be awaited. Airing on Netflix, the series shows a sign of a huge journey ahead with loads of adventure and fun but confirming anything might raise false hope.

However, we have to estimate a release date for the third season, it’s likely that viewers won’t get to see it until mid 2023.

Therefore, we will leave you with the thought that there is definitely a possibility of upcoming seasons and more interesting storylines. All we hope for is it to happen as soon and early as it can and we get to witness the fun and thrill again. While some of the cast have spilt that more stories are coming, no one is sure of the exact number of seasons or to be specific, the third season. Waiting excitedly with our fingers crossed is the only thing to do for now.

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