Bling Empire Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and Plot

I’m sure we all remember the super popular American reality series that consists of only Asian casts that made headlines when it debuted on Netflix, and to top it off with great news to all the fans eagerly waiting for a new season, the series is renewed by Netflix back in March 2021. 

Bling Empire season 2 poster

And to those of you who haven’t heard about the Bling Empire series, the Netflix reality TV series was launched on January 15, 2021, which garnered a lot of attention. It even had a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes and much similar to the 2018 movie title “Crazy Rich Asians” it took us to a whole new level- story-wise. 


The series is much focused on showcasing the extravagant lifestyle of the Asian socialites mainly consisting of East and East Asian-American especially from the Los-Angeles neighborhood, so-called the “real-life Crazy Rich Asians.”


Now, whether or not the series will return this year– we’re not sure about that but we have a suspicion that it will or so we think. Let’s find everything in detail regarding “Blink Empire” season 2. 


When is the release date of “Bling Empire” season 2?


The streamer announced season 2 of Bling Empire in March on a tweet that reads: “Both Selling Sunset and Bling Empire have received new seasons! Does anyone else believe a crossover where Anna goes to one of Chrishell’s open houses should be made?”

As of now, Netflix is yet to confirm the exact release date of the second season of Bling Empire. Many speculated that the much-awaited second instalment was being released at the end of 2021, however, things didn’t go as speculated. The cast members were spotted on Instagram stories, indicating that perhaps production may have commenced. But so far nothing is confirmed. 


Executive producer Kelly Mi teased season 2 by letting out onlookers expect “more glam, more jewellery, and more fun stuff, but real tales.” Some of the crew were also seen at the MTV Movies Awards 2021. Star Kane Lim revealed that the next season will be “more intimate stories”— it’s going to get more hot and steamy! 

 Bling Empire season 2 is set to premiere on May 13, 2022 on Netflix so far no official trailer has been revealed yet.

How many episodes will it consist of in season 2 of Bling Empire?


The first season of Bling Empire had a total of 8 episodes. It’s expected that the second season will also contain the same number of episodes. There is a talk for Bling Empire Season 3 as well.


The series is executively produced by Jeff Jenkins, Brandon Panaligan, Ross Weintraub, Elise Chung, Ben Eisele, Kelly Mi Li, and Christine Chiu. 


The cast of Bling Empire season 2: Who will return?


The cast that appeared in the first season is expected to return in the second season of Bling Empire as well. This means that we’ll get to see almost all of the same faces but since the official cast lineup is not confirmed we have mentioned all the names below:


  • Kevin Taejin Kreider 
  • Kane Lim 
  • Christine Chiu 
  • Gabriel Chiu 
  • Kelly Mi Li 
  • Anna Shay 
  • Cherie Chan 
  • Jessey Lee 
  • Kim Lee
  • Andrew Gray 
  • Jaime Xie 
  • Guy Tang 


It’s also possible that viewers would get to see new faces in the next season as there were rumors that the show makers were looking to include some Filipinos to cast in season 2 of Bling Empire such as newcomer Filipina actress-singer Heart Evangelista and another newcomer is Dorothy Wang a Chinese and a daughter of a billionaire named Roger Wang. 


Bling Empire season 2 plot: Expectations 


We’re not exactly sure what could take place in the next season but we assume that it will unveil more new mysteries and dramas revolving around the group and perhaps the viewers will also get a glimpse of their estranged fathers, reproductive health problems, etc. 


In a YouTube interview, showrunner Brandon Panaligan disclosed to Yong Chavez: “They’re all layered on top of each other, layer after layer after layer after layer after layer after layer after layer after layer after layer.” Hence, I expect to see more of their lives, meet more of their friends, and get to know them a lot better in the second season.”


MetroStyle previously asked about whether the new season will have a Filipino cast, Brandon Panaligan responded that he wished Guy Tang’s husband (who is a Filipino) would appear more on the screen. 


“In terms of casting a Filipino, I do want to mention that Guy Tang’s husband, Almar, is Filipino, and he does make a couple of appearances in the show. But he was not able to film with us as much as I would’ve liked. So hopefully in the second season, we get some more time with him”, he explained. Stay tuned for more updates!

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