Black Spot Season 3 3: Is Getting a Renewal any Soon?

Black Spot is a French-Belgium thriller series that originally aired on France second in 2017. After the show became a smash hit in France, Amazon Prime bought the rights of the first installment. In November 2017, the streaming platform aired season one of Black Spot and made it available to viewers worldwide. Its first part was widely praised for its gripping storyline, elements of mystery and suspense, and strong narrative. In June 2019, the creators released its second season, however, it failed to create a sensation in the audience. So far, neither the OTTP platform nor the showrunners have announced the show’s return for the third season. So, here comes the big question, “what is the fate of Black Spot Season 3?” To know the answer, read on till the end.

When is Black Spot Season three getting premiered?

Sadly, no official airing date has been confirmed regarding Black Spot part three. Some sources claim that season two witnessed a decline in the viewership number from 3 million to 1.9 million, resulting in a loss of revenue for the producers. So, the makers are reluctant to drop another season. But the fact that the series still hasn’t been canceled somewhat indicates that perhaps a new season could be on the cards.

With that said, the third installment of Black Spot still has a chance of a return if Netflix or Amazon picks the series for a renewal. If that happens, the series could be potentially out by 2022 or 2023. 

What is the Plot of Black Spot Season three?

Black Spot centers around a small and deserted town, Villefranche, which is nestled at the edge of the thick and strange forest. Its rising rates of murder have grabbed the attention of Prosecutor Franck Siriani. Police chief Laurene Weiss is investigating the gruesome murders and crimes without any luck. 

In the last episodes of Black Spot, Laurene’s daughter goes missing. In addition, she also finds corpses in the dark forests. However, Season two has an inkling of the DNA match of the wood creature and Laurene. Without any solid information about the plot, it is too soon to assume the storyline and the twists. But we anticipate that Laurene and Franck will be close to unveiling the truths behind the horrifying murders in Villefranche, France. Season 3 will have thrill and crime drama in equal proportions for its fans. To know more, stay tuned.

Who is in the Cast of Black Spot Season three?

The cast of Black Season three is not known yet. But we assume that the lead characters, Laurene Weiss (Suliana Brahim) and Franck Siriani (Laurent Capelluto) will probably make a comeback for the third part. Besides them, some familiar faces will also appear including Martial Ferrandi as Nounours, Samuel Jouy as Bertrand Steiner, Renaud Rutten: Louis Hermann, Camille Aguilar as  Cora Weiss, and Brigitte Sy as Sabine Hennequin. 

Based on the developments in the storyline of season three, new characters might also bring in fresh twists and turns. However, there is no word about the additions to the cast or the new roles. Thus, we have to keep patience till more details pour in from the creators. 

Season one and two of Black Spot are currently available on Netflix. Each season includes a total of eight episodes with an average run time of 52 minutes. While we get back to you with more details about Season third of Black Spot, you can binge-watch all its seasons. 

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