Black Clover Season 5: Release date, Storyline, and updates

The adventurous journey of Asta and Yuno began back in 2017 with Black Clover’s debut on TV Tokyo. And since then, the anime has gained a dedicated following base because of its riveting plot, and interesting characters. With its last episode getting aired in March 2021, fans worldwide are devastated to hear that the series has come to a close. Although the important announcement after the season’ four’s closing left the fans wondering what could follow next in the anime. And it seems to have nothing to do with season five of Black Clover. So, with that, what is the future of this fan-favorite series? We’ve got the answer you have been looking for. Check out below the release date, story, and further updates relating to Black Cover Season five.

Black Cover Season 5 Release date: What’s its airing date?

There has been no official word about Black Clover season five. In that case, we don’t have any specifics regarding when the fifth part will hit our screens. If we go by the speculations, the series will possibly return sometime in 2023 or 2024, at the earliest.

Black Clover successfully released one season every year since its initial run. However, production delays caused by the Covid pandemic postponed the release schedule of season four to October 2021. And we cannot still believe that the anime has no renewal plans as of now. 

Black Cover Season 5 Plotline: What’s its possible plot?

Black Cover centers around Asta, an orphan boy who is bereft of magical powers in a world that sees magic as an innate ability. While his friend, Yuno is a born genius who has the power to control wind magic. The pair is driven by a motive to be the next Wizard Kind. Yet they have to fight against all odds to attain their mission. Season four saw Asta unlocking the barrier that allowed the Devils to enter the world of living beings. This could invite a battle between the two worlds in the future episodes. Additionally, the last season’s ending exposed truths about the biological mother of Asta, who has been killed by a Devil. But the protagonist instead of avenging his mother’s death, befriends the Devil. 

Season five has infinite possibilities since there is no scarcity of material content for season five given that the manga is still a work-in-progress. It will be an absolute thrill to see which storyline is followed in the next round of Black Cover.

Black Clover Season 5 Cast: Who’s in the cast?

If creators bring back the series, we will be delighted to see our core characters, Asta and Yuno relentlessly working towards their shared dream. The male leads are voiced by Gakuto Kajiwara and Nobunaga Shimazaki respectively. While there’s a character that will be a confirmed entry to Season five- Leibe voiced by two voice artists, Kenichiro Matsuda and Nobuhiko Okamoto. Aside from them, Noella Silva’s love interest for Asta may be explored further thus, Kana Yuki is also a likable return to the series.

Trailer for Black Clover Season 5

Since there is no official confirmation for Black Clover Season five, a trailer is a long way off. 

Although the anime series is over, fans still have a lot of stuff to look forward to such as the anticipated anime film that is likely to drop by 2023. 

We shall keep you posted as soon as more concrete details are known about Black Cover Season five. Until then, keep checking with us for more from the world of entertainment. Feel free to connect in case of any queries.

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