Biohackers Season 3: Everything You must Know

Created by Christin Ditter, Biohackers, Netflix’s original sci-fi techno-thriller, centers around a medical student, Mia Akerland, who has a predilection for biohacking technology, and later, she finds herself in a situation wherein her brain starts deteriorating. She does not even remember her moniker. In August 2020, the show made its debut followed by its sequel that aired on 9th July 2021. The last installment has garnered mixed reviews from its audience. Till now, the streaming giant, Netflix has not given a green signal to the German thriller series for a third part. This makes us question the fate of Biohackers. Currently, it is a hard riddle to crack whether there will be a third season or not. However, we are optimistic that the show creators and the OTTP platform will collectively come up with positive news for the viewers. If you are keenly awaiting its next chapter, here’s everything to know from the cast, release date, and plot.

Biohackers Season 3: Is It Confirmed?

As of November 2022, Biohackers season has yet to be confirmed. But it looks like Netflix will make an announcement soon regarding the next season of the hit thriller series.

It is highly expected that the giant streamer will shortly bestow the green signal to the series for a third outing. So let’s wait and see what unfolds nexts.

If we get any other information or announcement about the potential third installment, we will definitely put all the latest details here. So, don’t forget to visit this page frequently for more new details. Till then sit back and relax.

When will Biohackers Season 3 be released?

The first season of Biohackers was released on August 20, 2020, and consisted of a total of six episodes. The second season premiered on July 9, 2021, also consisted of six episodes. 

Season One List of Episodes 


  • Episode 1: Arrival
  • Episode 2: Secrets 
  • Episode 3: Suspicion 
  • Episode 4: Certainty
  • Episode 5: Betrayal 
  • Episode 6: Fate


Season Two List of Episodes 


  • Episode 1: Awake
  • Episode 2: Enemies 
  • Episode 3: Partners
  • Episode 4: Forget 
  • Episode 5: Find
  • Episode 6: Remember 

Unfortunately, there is no official announcement regarding Biohacker’s third installment’s premiere date. But it has a safe bet to say that it will be out in the early summer release the following year. Considering that the previous seasons of Biohackers consisted of six episodes, we are assuming that the next part shall be no less than that. Or we might witness more episodes based upon the storyline of Biocakers season three. Time shall reveal what surprises the show makers have for the fans the world over. 


But one thing is certain that the thriller series will be full of turns and twists much like its last seasons. We are hoping that the arising date is confirmed soon so that we do not have to wait longer.


What is the plot of Biohackers Season three?


Season one of biohackers ended on a cliffhanger, leaving the audience craving for the next season. The gap between the renewal of its second season and the release of Season one’s final episode was a week apart. However, the last installment turned out to be nothing like the audience’s expectations. It concluded with the demise of two primary characters of the show- Professor Tanja Lorenz and Andreas Winter. Season two has left some loose ends hanging, which hints towards another season to give a complete picture to the viewers. Given the unpredictable nature of Biohackers, it is a bit difficult to tell in detail about the forthcoming set of events of season three. Also, we have no intention to rob the fun out of the viewers by giving a spoiler. It would be interesting to see in which direction the story unfolds. 


Who will be in the Cast of Biohackers Season three?


The cast of Biohackers’ season two is likely to make a comeback for its third episode. Therefore, Luna Wedler ill be reprising her role as Emma “Mia Akerlund” Engels. Her strange roommate, Niklas (Thomas Prenn) will also be returning to the next part alongside Jasper (Adrian Julius Tillmann). In addition to these, other characters including Chen-Lu (Jing Xiang ), Ole (Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer), and Lotta (Caro Cult) will also be a part of the new crew. On the other hand, Tanja Lorenz and Andreas Winter are unlikely to return to the third installment after they met their deadly destinies. 


The show may bring to the audience new faces with some familiar ones., even so, the show creators are discreet about their affairs relating to the Biohackers season three. 

Where Will Biohackers 3 Release


Biohackers Season 3 will most likely be released on Netflix.


In case, you are missing out on the thrill of Biohackers, head to Netflix and binge-watch all twelve episodes.


Watch this space for more interesting news and updates about your favorite shows, animes, and series. 

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