Big Nate Season 2: Release date? What to be expected?

Big Nate is an American computer-animated streaming TV series. It was developed by Mitch Watson. The series is based on the comic strip and book series of the same name. The book is by Lincoln Peirce. The first season of Big Nate premiered on Feb 19, 2020. So far there’s only one season of the series. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the second season of Big Nate, including its release date, cast, plot, and other updates. 

Is Big Nate season 2 happening?

Yes. The series Big Nate has already been renewed for season 2. It was renewed on March 24, 2022, for the second season. It is going to air on Paramount +. Stay connected with us for more details!

When is the release date for Big Nate season two?

Though the show has been renewed, there’s no official release date for season 2 yet. However, if we were to speculate, we expect the second season to air by 2023. The rest of the details regarding Big Nate season two are yet to be confirmed. Stay connected with us for more updates!

What to expect from the season 2 plot of Big Nate?

The plot of Big Nate is about an 11-year-old boy. He’s come across several difficult situations in life. Nate is his name. He’s recently been promoted to sixth grade. He’s not in a good place at home. He doesn’t have a good atmosphere at school either. However, despite everything, he found happiness. It was cartoons. He expressed himself and communicated through cartoons. 


For the season 2 plot, the storyline will continue from where the previous season left off. Because we do not have any official updates, we cannot provide you guys with any concrete information. Stay connected with us for future updates!

Who’s going to be the voice cast for Big Nate season 2?

Find the voice cast for season 2 down below. 

  • Nate Wright voiced by Ben Giroux
  • Ellen Wright voiced by Dove Cameron
  • Martin Wright voiced by Rob Delaney
  • Teddy Ortiz voiced by Arnie Pantoja 
  • Chad Applewhite voiced by Charlie Schlatter
  • Principal Nichols voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.
  • Mrs Godfrey voiced by Carolyn Hennesy 
  • Francis Pope voiced by Daniel MK Cohen
  • Dee Dee Holloway voiced by Bryce Charles

How many episodes will season 2 of Big Nate have?

The previous season of Big Nate had a total of 8 episodes. Thus, if the makers decide to follow a similar pattern, season 2 will also comprise 8 episodes. However, there hasn’t been an official update yet. 

Is the trailer for Big Nate season two out yet?

No. There’s no official release date for season two yet. Hence, no trailer. For the time being, you may watch the previous season’s trailer down below. 

Where to watch Big Nate season 2?

Although Big Nate season two was announced, it hasn’t been released yet. The series Big Nate has not yet been released on any OTT platform. Big Nate season 1 is still available on the official site Paramount+. We expect season 2 to release on the same platform as well. 

Will there be a season 3 of Big Nate?

Season 2 of the series is yet to be released. Hence, there are no updates about Big Nate season 3!


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