Big Brother Season 24: Release date, Cast, and Trailer

It hasn’t been that long since Big Brother Season 23 had concluded and fans of their favorite show are already eagerly waiting for the arrival of Big Brother season 24. 

The reality show first originated from a Dutch reality show of the exact name which was conceived by John de Mol Jr. in 1999. It was first released in the Netherlands, the show became widely famous across the globe and soon afterwards it has expanded into a huge franchise. The American version of the show was launched on July 5, 2000, on the CBS Network with a total of 23 seasons.

In this series, the participants reside under a specially designed building, separated from the populous world and live as flatmates. The participants are endlessly surveyed their entire stay in the building. As the show advances, the participants have the authority to vote out other participants and finish many challenges, which are allotted to them until the last one standing wins the cash prize. 

Yes, the twenty-fourth season of Big Brother has been officially confirmed by the CBS network and is anticipated to arrive in mid-2022. Though the show is renewed, there has been no updates till now about the show. The twenty-third season of Big Brother delivered a full course meal satisfying the viewer’s expectations and also boosting the show’s rating dramatically and raising the standards high enough as compared to other previous seasons. Now fans expectations are higher than ever and so they are extremely looking forward to the much anticipated Big Brother season 24.

Big Brother Season 24 Release Date: When is it?

As we’ve mentioned before there are no concrete details about the upcoming season although it has been officially renewed by CBS.

It’s been several months and till now we haven’t heard a single word from the showrunners. Could it be that they’re busy filming for the new season? If so, they’re really good at keeping things under wraps. However, we doubt that filming is ongoing because once the production progresses, we will get an update for sure. But let’s wait and see how it goes.

Coming back to the release date of Big Brother season 24, it is currently scheduled to come out sometime in 2022, we’re expecting a mid 2022 release since the exact air date is not provided at the moment.

The Cast of Big Brother Season 24: Who are the participants?

Although nothing has been revealed, we’re excited to learn that casting for the twenty-fourth season of Big Brother has already commenced and we couldn’t be more delighted. It’s only a matter of time till the official list of contestants is out. 

However, it is not known how many participants will take part and how many will be chosen to be cast in the next season. Throughout the seasons, we’ve witnessed some twists and turns and the number of contestants in each season keeps on fluctuating so we have no idea about the upcoming season. 

Another theory is, we might see a returning houseguest just as the rumours indicated. The other interesting part is, CBS hasn’t commented on it yet nor dismissed the rumours but one thing for sure is that viewers should expect the unexpected. We’ll update this section once the show makers announce the official cast list for Big Brother season 24.

Big Brother Season 24 Trailer

The official trailer for Big Brother season 24 is not out yet but we should expect it to arrive soon.

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