Between season 3: Release date, Cast and Plot

Starring Jennette McCurdy in the lead, Between, is a Canadian sci-fi series that dropped on Citytv in May 2015. The series garnered negative reviews from critics and viewers worldwide. It was panned for its poor execution and writing. Although, the series returned for a second installment in June 2016. Its follow-up was anything but success, and since the premiere of its final episode in August 2015, the Netflix co-produced series is on an infinite hiatus. The Candian drama series has neither seen the light of day nor has been canceled. So what is the future of Between season 3? Is it still a possibility or does Netflix has other plans? To know everything about Between Season 3 from the premiere date to cast to the plot, keep reading on:


Release date Between Season three: When will it be released?


Considering the series has no chances of coming back, there is no point in predicting its date of airing. We guess Between season 3 is still in the dark because of the criticism it drew from the audience. Netflix has known its priorities from start, and the viewership numbers define whether or not to greenlight a particular series. In this case, it is a big No, and the streamer is working to bring fresh content for its viewers across the world. 


The first two seasons of this drama series are available on Netflix for streaming for international viewers outside Canada, while Citytv reserves the rights of the series in Canada. The two seasons include 12 episodes, with a 45-minute runtime. 


Between season 3 Plot: What will be its plot?


If season three of Between ever happens, what would it be like? Season two ended on loose ends, and to date, the viewers have not got their answers. Looks like the creators have left the audience guessing the storyline of what could be a Season three. 


Between is centered around a small town, Pretty Lake, and its inhabitants, who are reeling under a deadly disease. The disease has wreaked havoc on the town with countless deaths of individuals above the age of 21. The story focuses on the girl child of the village minister, Wiley Day, who is also affected by the pandemic-like situation. Though the storyline is quite relatable in the Covid times, still it was not much liked by the viewers. It also portrays the isolation of human beings from the world during quarantine and the desire to step out of the isolation. 


At this stage, no solid information is available regarding Between season three. But we will update this space as more details are known. 


Between season 3: Cast: Who is in it?

Between features Jennette McCurdy as Wiley Day, Jesse Carere as Adam Jones, Kyle Mac as Ronnie Creeker, Jack Murray as Mark, and Rosemary Dunsmore as MInister Miller. It is unlikely that Jennette McCurdy will continue leading the series since she was not particularly passionate about her role as Wiley Day. It is very difficult to tell the casting details for Between season three at this point when we have not heard about the series since 2015. 


Michael McGown created the series for two seasons. McGown has also served as executive producer alongside Don Carmody, David Cormican, and Naveed Prasad. Don Carmody, Mulmur Feed Co., and Elevation PIctures are the production houses of the series. 


Trailer for Between season 3


A trailer for Between Season three is a long way off. And unfortunately, it will not be out unless the series is picked for a season three. 


Keep checking with us for more updates about Between Season two. Also, do tell us what do you think about its third part. Should it get renewed or is it canceled for good?


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