Better Call Saul Season 6: Release Date, Cast, and Other Updates

The much popular series “Breaking Bad” spin-off “Better Call Saul” season 6 is gearing up to make its return and it’s coming sooner than you think.

It’s been one heck of a crazy ride, but it looks like American Movie Classics (AMC) has officially greenlit Better Call Saul for a sixth and final season. 

In an interview with Bob Odenkirk who plays Saul Goodman via Digital Spy disclosed that he feels worried and nervous at the same time about how the show will bring to a conclusion. “I have very mixed feelings. I don’t think you can watch the show, and I can’t play this guy, without growing to want him to succeed, and liking him, and wanting to be a better version of himself… I’m not sure that’s where he’ll end up, though.”

He continued: “I do like him. I think he’s got some good skills. He just doesn’t know where to put them. But also, I’ll be happy to move on to other characters, because I have played him for a long time.”

The series co-creator and executive producer Peter Gould expressed gratitude towards the fans who have been supporting the series since the beginning. In a statement published on TVLine, he wrote: “From day one of Better Call Saul, my dream was to tell the complete story of our complicated and compromised hero, Jimmy McGill – now AMC and Sony are making that dream come true.

We couldn’t be more grateful to the fans and critics who are making this journey possible. Next month, we start work on the sixth and final season – we’re going to do our damnedest to stick the landing.”

We’re not sure what it means by “landing” or perhaps could it be referring to the last season’s cliffhanger? But whatever it is, Kim better watch her back at all times! And fans who are desperately waiting for the sixth season can now rest easy because we have compiled all the details regarding the upcoming season of Better Call Saul. Without further ado, let’s delve into deets.

Better Call Saul Season 6 Release Date: When is it premiering? 

According to news outlets, filming for the sixth and final season has wrapped. Following Bob Odenkirk’s sudden heart attack, filming had to slow down. The series executive producer during that time revealed to Den of Geek that filming is “moving forward, steady but slow.” He resumed: “We’re filming scenes that don’t involve Bob right now.”

Thankfully Bob is stable now and he’ll be returning in the sixth season. The series won’t be the same without our main character. 

As for the release date, nothing is confirmed but we do know that the showrunners are aiming to release the sixth season this year.

The Cast of Better Call Saul Season 6: Who will return?

In the upcoming sixth season, we expect all the major characters to be back and reprise their roles including the main lead role Bob Odenkirk who will portray Jimmy McGill/ Saul Goodman. Joining him are–

  • Rhea Seehorn who will play Kim Wexler
  • Jonathan Banks will portray Mike Ehrmantraut
  • Giancarlo Esposito will be playing Gus Fring
  • Michael Mando will play the role of Nacho Varga
  • Tony Dalton will play Lalo Salamanca
  • Patrick Fabian will portray Howard Hamlin

Several recurring and supporting roles are also expected to appear in the final season which includes–

  • Mark Margolis (as Hector Salamanca) 
  • Maximino Arciniega (as Domingo “Krazy-8” Molina) 
  • Jeremiah Bitsui (as Victor)  
  • Ray Campbell (as Tyrus Kitt) 
  • Lavell Crawford (as Huell Babineaux) 
  • Tina Parker (as Francesca Liddy)
  • Kerry Condon (as Stacey Ehrmantraut) 
  • Juliet Donenfeld (as Kaylee Ehrmantraut) 
  • Dennis Boutsikaris (as Rich Schweikart) 
  • Ed Begley Jr. (as Clifford Main) 
  • Juan Carlos Cantu (as Manuel Varga) 
  • Steven Bauer (as Don Eladio Vuente)
  • Javier Grajeda (as Juan Bolsa)

The Plot of Better Call Saul Season 6: What to expect?

Better Call Saul season 6 will likely consist of a total of 13 episodes instead of 10. 

The fifth season climaxed with a major cliffhanger and it’s expected that the story will continue in the next season where it left off. But the question and doubts lingering in our minds is, will Kim Get killed? and even if Kim survives, will she go to prison? or will she try to find a means to make it out alive in secret? Let’s wait and find out what happens in the upcoming season.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Bob Odenkirk dropped hints that “there’s some version of life where Kim and Jimmy stay married and live a Mary Matalin and James Carville-type situation. It’s probably easy to think that Kim dies, or that anyone who’s not visible passes away. But there’s still a lot of people who die on these shows.”

In season six of Better Call Saul, fans would also get to see more of Jimmy as he got out across the desert with the bail money from the drug Lord Lalo Salamanca. In the meantime, we’re not exactly sure what fate awaits Lalo in the next season although he was able to escape from the secret tunnel. The finale episode in the previous season also revealed Nacho Varga and his involvement in the attempted murder but everything will all be answered in season 6.

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