Best Personal Trainers in New York

The novel coronavirus that put the world in a lockdown situation significantly impacts the lifestyle, economy, and people’s health. The consistent work from home paired with the lack of physical activity made people put on weight and made everyone lazy. As the lockdown scenario eases, people gear up for the next normal. However, one hindrance in getting back to normal is the current routine. This is when a personal trainer comes to aid. They motivate people to get reach their desire level of fitness. If you reside in New York and are looking for personal trainers, this post is meant for you. Here’s a curated list of the best personal trainers in New York.

Best Personal Trainers in New York

1. Harry Hanson

Harry Hanson is a well-known personal trainer in New York. He is the founder of Hanson fitness and has to his feats Hollywood stars and NFL players personal training. Being an entrepreneur, he also founded AATP in 2007 that provides students the tools to succeed in the fitness industry. He is listed amongst the highly sought-after New York’s physical trainers. Harry has been offering his services to celebrities for 20 years. He has also worked with Paramount pictures ad Tri-Star productions, Sandra bullock, Woody Harrelson, Sharon Stone, Demi Moore, and Tom Cruise. In addition, he has made appearances in Cosmopolitan, PIX New York, The Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, and New York One. Harry specializes in adult training, kids training, senior citizen training, and In-home training.

 Address: 42 Wooster St, New York 10012

Phone: +1 917-680-3097

 2. Maik Wiedenbach

Maik Wiedenbach is listed amongst the top NYC personal trainers. During the pandemic situation, he extended his services to providing coaching online. He helps people to look great and to feel good about their bodies. His coachings are based on scientific facts instead of harmful drugs and overpriced medicines. Apart from being a personal trainer, he is an NYU professor, Olympian, two-time world cup and Olympic level swimmer, muscle mania champion, and a social media influencer. His online portal features his fitness and exercise tips along with workout plans. Maik is also a published author who has penned several books on muscle, fitness, crains, and strength.

 Address: 139 East 57th Street, 7 Floor, New York -10022

Phone: 646-732-7052

 3. Maurice Christovale

Maurice Christoae is listed amongst the top-notch personal trainers in New York. He has over 18 years of experience in the field of personal training. He has expertise in dealing with Kettlebells, Boxing, sports performance training, TRX, Strength training, muscle gain, posture correction, functional training, pilates, stress reduction, corrective exercise, and weight loss. He is an ACE-certified personal trainer. Maurice has also received certifications from Russian kettlebell challenge level 1, USA weightlifting sports performance coach, youth fitness specialist, animal flow coach, USA Boxing certified coach, power pilates instructor, and Ashtanga yoga instructor. He also has experience in dealing with ADHD, Anxiety, Asthma, Back pain, Hip pain, Migraines, HIV, Neck pain, postural issues, Sleep apnea, menopause, mild cognitive impairment, neuropathy, and obesity.

 Address: 10 Hanover Square, New York, NY 10005

Phone: 646 377 9031

 4. Alex Folacci

Alex Folacci is a successful personal trainer in the Manhattan area. He is a native of France and has over the years trained more than 300 people. He is armed with a master’s degree in exercise science. What separates Alex’s training from his competitors is that he uses a gentleman’s approach. His gentleman training combines CrossFit, calisthenics, kickboxing, yoga, gymnastics, running, bodybuilding and powerlifting. Apart from offering in-center training, he also offers to coach online. He has been felicitated with the New York awards 2019 and 2020 for personal training for his services. He specializes in weight loss programs, boosting metabolism, posture improvement, strength training, diet fixing, and training of skinny hard gainers. Apart from being a personal trainer, he also is a world-class athlete, National champion of France, and 9th rank holder in the European Championship.

 Address: Manhattan (NYC) between 90th St​ (West & Eastside) and Wall Street, New York

Phone: (347) 720-5740

 So these are the top-notch personal trainers in New York. Which are you visiting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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