Beetlejuice 2: Everything We Know So Far

The 1998 film ‘Beetlejuice’ by Tim Burton is a comedy/fantasy movie that hasn’t been out of the audience’s minds even today. It becomes obvious to stay hooked and wait for a sequel when a film is extremely fun and enjoyable to watch. A similar scenario has happened with this film and therefore we bring you every piece of information related to it today.

Beetlejuice 1 had a plot around a couple who went around scaring away a family that had been living in their old house. They eventually end up failing and take the help of a bio-exorcist. Not much has been revealed about the plot of Beetlejuice 2 but it may or may not be a follow up is what we know. A different writer, Mike Vukadinovich has been hired by the team of this one to write a script accordingly. The first writer of the movie is said to be Michael McDowell, the second is Larry Wilson and then it was rewritten by Warren Skaaren.

Is Beetlejuice 2 confirmed for a comeback?

Apart from writing news, we also know that a sequel has been finally announced by some of the team members but reports are quite conflicting. The director himself hasn’t confirmed the news yet nor has the main protagonist of the earlier one confirmed it. Some reports have claimed that the movie is on board and might get a good look overall soon. However, according to some speculations, they have completely denied the possibility for the coming years at least.

It was later confirmed that a sequel is indeed happening with two of the original cast members Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder on board. More updates await!

What to expect from the upcoming movie?

As the story itself hasn’t been confirmed, neither has there been any confirmation regarding the cast of it. The cast is always decided after the complete view of the story as per the requirement. Hence, there has been no news related to the cast or any actor as of now. Although we lowkey wish it to be the same actors to make it fun and full of thrill. The first part had a major cast as Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, Geena Davis, Alec Baldwin, Catherine O’Hara, Jeffrey Jones, Glenn Shadix, Sylvia Sidney, Robert Goulet, etc. All of them have given a wonderful performance to stay hooked too.

The release date, trailer or any launching news regarding Beetlejuice 2 have not been officially announced. All we can hope for is to wait for good news to be on its way soon with so much information dwelling on. However, it’s expected for the sequel to arrive sometime in 2023 or 2024.

The thing about Recreations is that it always makes us wait awfully long as no one is sure of the outcome or the hype surrounding it. The director of the movie has been working on a project already with the same actor and we are really hoping they bring out the topic and give a good piece of news to us. Let us keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best ahead.

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