BBC Police Crime Drama ‘The Mallorca Files’ to return for another season?

For all the Mallorca fans out there, we have a good news for you!!! Your favourite show ‘The Mallorca Files’ is all set to make a blockbuster comeback to your screens. After a long hiatus, fans will be extremely relieved to know that they are going be seeing another season of their favorite police crime drama.

‘The Mallorca Files’ Season 2 finally aired all the way back in 2021. And we still have not yet gotten to see season 3 of our favourite police dramedy. Set in a sunny Mediterranean region of Mallorca, ‘The Mallorca Files’ is a very engaging crime drama that revolves around the detective work of Miranda Blake (played by Elen Rhys) and Max Winter (Julian Looman). These two detectives come from a very different background and have opposite styles of work procedure. Miranda is a very sincere and obedient detective who follows all the criminal procedures by-the-book. Whereas Max has a style of working that is in absolute contrast to Miranda’s working style.

‘The Mallorca Files’ Season 2 finale concluded with a ton of unresolved plotlines and storylines. Hence, the anticipation amongst the fans for ‘The Mallorca Files’ Season 3 has only kept on growing and growing. ‘The Mallorca Files’ showed us the relationship between Max and Miranda evolving quite dynamically. However, the finale also left us in doubts about the certainty and future of certain relationships such as Miranda and Carmen’s.

‘The Mallorca Files’ Season 3 is on its way!

We have recently received an official update via Majorca Daily Bulletin that the shooting schedule for ‘The Mallorca Files’ Season 3 has officially been wrapped up. The only news the fans had been waiting for ever since the season 2 finale went on air. This is only because the entire filming process of the entire season 3 has always been kept under wraps and little to almost no information was made public. Even though the filming process has been completed, it is still very unclear as to where the series will be broadcasted. The first two seasons were broadcasted on BBC1 but we have not yet received any info about the streaming platform for ‘The Mallorca Files’ Season 3.

When will ‘The Mallorca Files’ Season 3 release?

‘The Mallorca Files’ Season release date has not yet been confirmed by the show makers. We have been informed that the shooting schedule has been successfully completed but we do not yet know when season 3 of ‘The Mallorca Files’ will come out.

‘The Mallorca Files’ Season 3 Expected Returning Cast Members

We can expect the lead cast ensemble to return in season 3 as well. Following are the list of cast members who are expected to return to the show:

  • Elen Rhys playing Detective Miranda Blake

  • Julian Looman playing Detective Max Winter

  • María Fernández Ache playing Chief Inés Villegas

  • Nacho Aldeguer playing Federico Ramis

  • Alex Hafner playing Roberto Herrero

  • Nansi Nsue playing Luisa Rosa

  • Tábata Cerezo playing Carmen Lorenzo

  • Denis Schmidt playing Christian

  • Carlos Olalla playing Joan Lorenzo (Carmen’s father)

  • Tanya Moodie playing Supt. Abbey Palmer

Stay tuned with us to receive more official updates on ‘The Mallorca Files’ Season 3!!!

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