Ballers Season 6 is highly unlikely; Here is why

The release of Ballers season 6 is very unlikely because the series got wrapped up pretty efficiently in the finale episode of season 5. Also, because the streaming partner HBO Max has already canceled the series. A comedy TV series, produced by Leverage and created by Stephen Levinson, Ballers follows the life of a former sports superstar turned financial adviser. 


The series revolved around Dwayne Johnson’s character who turned into a financial adviser for the athletes he once played with. The dramedy series received a surge of popularity due to its debut on Netflix but since the viewership numbers went on decreasing in general, HBO Max had to cancel the series. 


Why was Ballers canceled after season 5?


Though HBO Max never stated an official reason for canceling the show, likely, it was primarily due to declining viewership ratings. It also attracted a lot of football fans since it revolved around a former NFL player who turned into a financial adviser. It was inspired from some real-life incidents but after season 1, Ballers failed to keep up with the expectations of the audience. 


The show’s reviews and ratings were on a steady journey of downfall. Furthermore, analysis revealed that season 1 gathered an average of 1.70 million views per episode. This huge number dropped to just 490,000 views per episode by season 5. 


Where can I watch Ballers Season 1 to 5?


Ballers is easily available to watch on HBO Max and Netflix, both. After debuting on Netflix, the show saw a surge of popularity and ratings. But it was not enough for HBO Max to continue with another season.


Ballers Cast 


The sports dramedy attracted a lot of football fans because it starred Dwayne Johnson in the lead role. Apart from Dwayne Johnson, the show also had Rob Corddry, John David Washington, London Brown, Troy Garity, Donovan Carter, and Omar Benson Miller.


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