Babylon Berlin season 4: Release date, Cast and Plot

Babylon Berlin is a television adaptation of  Volker Kutscher’s series of books. The neo-noir show first broadcasted on Sky 1 in 2017, and later it made its way to a larger audience through its release on the streaming giant, Netflix in 2018. Its third part premiered in January 2021 on the OTTP platform and since then, the fans await its fourth season. The good news is that the series got a renewal for the next edition. Sources also suggest that the work on it started in early May. If you are as much as excited as us about Babylon Berlin season 4, then here’s everything you must not miss out on:

Babylon Berlin season 4: Release date

To the dismay of the fans, no official date of release is announced yet. But since the season is in the pre-production phase currently, it is likely to drop on the streaming platform by late 2022 or early 2023. Given that season three took nearly twelve to thirteen months to reach the audience, the speculation is somewhat true. Therefore, the wait will not last long this time. 

Babylon Berlin season 4: Plot

Babylon Berlin centers around Gereon Rath, a World War I veteran, who is still a victim of post-trauma stress order, and Charlotte Ritter, who holds the position of a police clerk and aims to be a police inspector. The series’ storyline is inspired by the German author, Volker’s books. It is expected that the upcoming season will pick off from where it left in the last season. However, the new episodes will relate to the period between 1929-1930 in Berlin. The fascinating part is that Volker’s third book would serve as a basis for the content material and storyline for the fourth installment. The book brings in a new character, Abraham Goldstein, who is determined to dominate Berlin’s criminal world. Besides, the next part will also have one or more narratives from the fourth edition of the same book series. It is likely to involve the Nazi party and an assassination. 

Talking about the romantic angle, the season could explore the intimate bond between Charlotte and Gereon. Also, the arrival of Gereon’s brother has put the relationship of Gereon and Helga Rath in great trouble. It would be interesting to watch the fourth season following the events of the third chapter’s finale episode. 

Babylon Berlin season 4: Cast 

It is not surprising that Charlotte and Gereon would be in the center of the storyline one more time. Volker Bruch essays the character of Gereon while Liv Lisa Fries plays Charlotte. Other than this, a few supporting characters such as Helga Rath and Anno Rath are likely to reprise their roles as Jens Harzer and Hannah Herzsprung respectively in season four.  

Interestingly, The New Pope fame, Mark Ivanir will be an exciting addition to the cast. Yet nothing has been known about his role/ character in season four of Babylon Berlin. 

Similar to the previous seasons, Tom Tykwer, Henk Handloegten, and Achim von Borries will work together to bring a solid characterization and compelling story to the viewers. 


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