Away season 2: Release date and everything we know so far

After the mesmerising hit of the debut season of Away, fans are eagerly anticipating the outing of season 2. The show dropped fireballs in space with its brilliant execution, spreading a thoughtful message of hope and humanity. Starring an amazing cast, this sci-fi thriller series bereft spectators of all suitable words to assert. 

However, the major question stands still: Will the show even be renewed for another season? Will the adventure, brilliance, and thrill translate into the second season? Will we see the “Swanks” again? If you want answers to all of these questions, make sure you bookmark this page or subscribe to us!

Away Season 2: Will it be renewed or cancelled? 

Away is one of the most expensive Netflix shows of all time. With an investment of $6 million every episode, the show costs a whopping $80 million. However, Netflix announced that Away season 2 will not be released. That’s right, the show wasn’t greenlit and has been cancelled

There are a few reasons behind its cancellation. The first is the high filming cost, obviously. Though the show ranked in the top 10 and was sure to greenlight for another season, Covid 19 pandemic also contributed to the already high-cost production. This is why the makers had to cancel the next instalment. 

Last but not least, Netflix does not completely control the series. The show was marketed as a “Netflix Original,” but it was produced by NBC Universal. They sold the rights to Netflix. That said, there’s a chance that Away might revert to the hands of NBC in the future, which is another hypothesis as to why they cancelled the show.

Away Season 2 Release date: When’s it going to air?

As aforesaid, the show has been cancelled, and we won’t be getting its renewal. Netflix announced its cancellation – however, they didn’t reveal any specific reasons. As soon as we get any fresh news updates or revelations, we’ll stick ‘em much faster in our next article. Until then, all you’ve gotta do is stay tuned!

Away Season 2: Official Trailer

“Away” season 2 has been cancelled by Netflix. So, we are left with the first season only. Find “Away” season 1 official teaser HERE.

Netflix still has the first season of ‘Away’ available for streaming. Go watch it right away!

Away Season 2 Plotline: What’s gonna be in it?

The show’s writer and executive producer, Jessica Goldberg had already drawn up a strategy for the show’s future before it was officially cancelled. “When I say life, I mean like a microorganism,” Goldberg. “I don’t mean an alien. The show would never go in that direction.”

She further added, “I do feel that’s a story that’s super important. Right now, we can’t get anywhere without that private-sector money, and I think it would be great to bring that storyline in.” She said that the show’s writers had explored the topic a lot.

Sadly, the show has been cancelled and we can’t be a part of the excellence anymore. Unless it is picked up by another network, streaming service, or production company, it looks like we’re out of luck. Stay tuned for more informative content and news! 

Away Season 2: Where to watch?

You can watch the series on Netflix.

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