Arrow Season 9: What are the updates until now?

After the massive success of the previous eight seasons, Arrow has secured a golden place in all of our cute little hearts! But the inevitable query still remains in place – is it gonna happen again? Will the show be renewed? Will we get another season with an impeccable storyline? Heck, what potential faces will we get to see? Well, little wonder that these unanswered questions seem to have cudgelled all of our brains. But hey, don’t you worry! In this post, we’re gonna answer all of your unanswered questions. 


Arrow is an American Superhero TV series that made its debut back in 2012 on the CW. The show is based on a DC comic character, referred to as the “Green Arrow”. Since it debuted on the network, there have been eight instalments produced – with the most recent season that premiered on the 28th of Jan, 2020. The story of Oliver Queen met its verdict in the last season with Green Arrow being passed onto the Great Beyond. However, it seems like Stephen Amell might return and play the role of Oliver Queen in Arrow Season 9.


So, will we get to see the nail-biting adventures of Oliver Queen or we won’t? Here are all the updates up until now.

Arrow Season 9: Will there be another season?

Arrow Season 8 aired on the 10th of October, 2020 and since then all of us are waiting for the official announcements as to whether or not it will be renewed!


In the last episode of Arrow season 8, the tale met its conclusion and all the loose ends were closed. Guess there’s not much left to be revealed in the next season. Well, does that signify that Arrow Season 9 is not happening? Although it was a nerve chilling experience for the fans and season 9 was much awaited, we’re sad to announce – we won’t get another season for the incredible Arrow series!


The eighth season was the series’ final season and we won’t be getting an Arrow Season 9!


The producers of the show have already announced that season 8 was the final season and there won’t be a renewal. However, don’t be upset, you guys – we’ve got some great-great news for you! Read it till the end to uncover the glad tidings!

Arrow Season 9: Why won’t there be a renewal?

It’s nothing out of the ordinary that whenever we hear a TV series being cut, the first comprehensive assumption is that the ratings are to be blamed. However, with the Arrow series, it wasn’t the case. Ratings weren’t a definitive factor for not renewing the show!


While the series’ ratings did drop for a few years and they suffered a 14 per cent decline, the show was holding up pretty fine. They were receiving a warm response from the critics and audiences. The makers of the show later revealed that although the viewers started to drop down in 2019, things weren’t bleak enough for the ratings alone to block the production en masse. 


Statistics received from data analytics firm Parrot Analytics made it evident enough that the show stood out to be the second most successful of CW’s four Arrowverse series at the time of its cancellation. 


The reason why Arrow Season 9 got cancelled is that there isn’t much room in the production house for its renewal!


The CW Arrowverse is a crowded space already with the crowd growing exponentially every year. One of the factors that the show got cancelled is simply because there wasn’t much room for it. The time of cancellation seems more likely considering the launch of Batwoman.

Arrow Season 9: Plot

The Arrow series revolves around a rich spoiled brat (essentially a playboy), Oliver Queen who wanted to become a superhero and save his town from corruption and evil. Thus, to master his skills, he sets off to an island in China. During his five year stay, he masters archery, acquires other skills – and decides to get back to his city.


Consequently, he comes back and becomes a superhero under the pseudonym “Arrow”. Then, he forms a group of superheroes with different abilities and becomes a part of a vigilante group. We did see how the rough crime in the city fought entirely. The whole series, basically, revolves around Oliver’s hustle to combat crime and restore peace. 

Is a New Arrow Spin-Off In Development?

It’s deeply saddening that fans won’t get to see more of Oliver’s struggle but fortunately enough, they’ll be able to see some of its cast members. Well, the good news is – CW is developing a new Arrow Spin-off series! They’re planning to name it “Green Arrow and The Canaries”. 


However, as of now, there haven’t been any official announcements. But we’re affirmative that there will be soon. So, stay tuned for more such updates!


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