Around The World In 80 Days Season 2: All You Need To Know

BBC’s period drama Around The World In 80 Days is officially returning for a second season.


Based on an 1872 novel of the same title by Jules Verne, the first season follows Phileas Fogg who decided to wage £20,000 with a supercilious member of the distinguished Reform Club that he can circle the world in eighty days, along with his mysterious Valet Passepartout and joined by Journalist Abigail.


The series was renewed by BBC One before the first season even premiered. This means that the trio adventures will continue in the next season and what awaits them remains unknown but we shall find out once it premieres. 


Here’s everything you need to know about season 2 of Around The World In 80 Days.


Around the World In 80 Days Season 2 Premiere Date


As of now, BBC One has not yet announced the official release date for season 2 of Around The World in 80 Days. The first season was released on December 26, 2021, and ended on January 30, 2022. 


With an early renewal announcement, it’s safe to assume that production may kick off anytime soon and viewers can expect the second season to be out by the end of the year or in early 2023.


Who Are The Cast Members Returning in Season 2 of Around The World In 80 Days?


The characters that appeared in the first season will most likely return for season 2 as well which including–


  • David Tennant will play Phileas Fogg

  • Ibrahim Koma in the role of Jean Passepartout

  • Leonie Benesch will portray Abigail Fix Fortescue

  • Jason Watkins will play Bernard Fortescue

  • Peter Sullivan in the character of Nyle Bellamy

  • Richard Wilson will portray the role of Grayson

  • Leon Clingman will play Roberts

  • Giovanni Scifoni will return as Mr Moretti

  • Anthony Flanagan will play Thomas Kneedling

  • Lindsay Duncan will play the character of Jane Digby

  • Shivaani Ghai will play Aouda

  • Rizelle Januk will be back as Samanaz

  • Walter van Dyk will reprise his role as Lord Crossley

  • Victoria Smurfit will play Lady Clemency Rowbotham

  • Elena Saurel will portray Sally

  • Gary Beadle will play Bass Reeves

  • Dolly Wells will play the role of Estella


What Would Happen in Season 2 of Around The World In 80 Days?


Not much is known about the upcoming season’s plot but we assure you that the story will continue from where it left off. In the first season, viewers found out that Phileas Fogg’s adventure will end in tragedy as ensured by red tape. So how will he avoid such fate? We’ll have to wait for the second season to see what happens.


Where to Watch Season 2 of Around the World in 80 Days?


Around the World in 80 Days is currently available to stream on ZDF, France 2, and RAI. The second season of Around the World in 80 Days’ will likely premiere on France 2, RAI, and ZDF as well. 


Around the World in 80 Days Season 2 Trailer:


The trailer for season 2 of Around the World in 80 Days has not yet been published. We expect that the trailer will be out very soon. In the meantime, you can watch the first season’s trailer below

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