Anthony Hopkins and Helena Bonham Carter to join the Cast – ‘One Life’  A WWII drama

All the people who were waiting for the cast list of the famous WWll based movie One Life, we have some outstanding news for you all!

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Anthony Hopkins and Helena Bonham Carter to join the Cast – ‘One Life’  A WWII drama! We might expect this quirky movie to come out shortly. 

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All About One Life?

One Life is an upcoming American historical drama TV series. The series is based on the book If It’s Not Impossible… The Life of Sir Nicholas Winton, written by Winton’s daughter, Barbara Winton. The movie has some additional information and has been made with a twist, the story is scripted by Lucinda Coxon and Nick Drake. 

It stars Joanna Laurie, Iain Canning, and Emile Sherman for See-Saw Films alongside Guy Heeley. The storyline of the drama is set during the World War 2, the film is inspired by the true story of Nicholas Winton, “a London stockbroker who devised an elaborate plan to rescue hundreds of children in Czechoslovakia from invading Nazis.” The title is adapted from Jewish Talmud, “Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.” 

Are Anthony Hopkins and Helena Bonham Carter actually Joining One Life?

Yes, both Anthony Hopkins and Helena Bonham Carter will be present in the upcoming WWll-based movie, One Life. The confirmation has been officially announced by the director of the show, reported by Deadline. Helena Bonham Carter has joined Anthony Hopkins and Johnny Flynn in the Holocaust drama One Life. 

The movie is a biopic of Nicholas Winton, a London stockbroker who assisted 669 Jewish children departing from Czechoslovakia to Britain at the outset of World War II.

In the coming film series, Hopkins and Flynn are featured as Winton at different ages. Bonham Carter will be performing for his mother Babi Winton in Flynn’s part of the film. 

Deadline announced that the cast also encompasses Hopkins’ The Two Popes co-star Jonathan Pryce, Romola Garai, Alex Sharp, and Lena Olin. Hopkins and Flynn have already been working on the project for two years. Bonham Carter will play Winton’s mother Babi Winton, who was of German-Jewish genealogy but had come to terms with North West London. Bonham Carter’s events will be with Flynn, who imitates Winton in his younger years. Hopkins and Flynn’s casting was revealed exclusively by Deadline two years ago. 

Final Cast of One Life?

The cast of “One Life” has tons of known faces including Jonathan Pryce, Romola Garai, Alex Sharp and Lena Olin, who will play Winton’s wife Grete Winton.  The cast also comprises Jonathan Pryce, Romola Garai and Alex Sharp, who will appear as the key operatives present in the relocation of the children, and Lena Olin, who will play Winton’s wife Grete Winton.  

One Life Trailer?

As of now, there hasn’t been any official trailer for Wilson’s One Life on YouTube – as it is not released yet. Generally, the trailer comes out a month or two before the official release date of the series. That said, the trailer will be out as per the schedule. Well, for now, you can watch the fan-made trailer on YouTube.  

We’ll update you guys if any further updates and leaks about the series are out!




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