Annika season 2:Release date, Cast, and more updates

If you are into a crime drama, Alibi’s most-watched drama, Annika is a must-watch. It draws content from Nick Walker’s audio drama, Annika Strandhed. The first installment of the series first landed in August 2021 and concluded its six episodes in September 2021. And since then, fans are anxiously looking forward to more from creators. Disappointingly, the series has not yet been renewed as of now. But it will just be a matter of time considering its immense popularity among fans. With that, here’s everything you must know about a possible season two of Annika

Annika Season two Release date: When will it be out?

There is no definite date as to when the series will return to our screens. But if it gets a go-ahead in 2022, we predict a late summer 2023 release date. 

Annika Season one is available for viewing on Vudu, Amazon Prime streaming platform, and PBS. So, those of you who are vetted, have plenty of time to catch up with its mysteries and crimes. 

Annika Season two Plotline: What to expect?

Though there are no plot specifics for season two, we can pick hints from season one’s events. The last installment saw Annika leading a marine homicide unit, and solving mysterious cases of crime with her team. Thus, season two may adopt a similar pattern while bringing in new cases every week. Additionally, Annika also in an intimate bond with her daughter’s therapist, Jake Strathearn in the prior season. So, this storyline has the potential to be explored more in the next episodes. 

We could also see more references from literary works as the female protagonist has her unique way of investigating cases. 

When asked to share her experience with Annika, Walker’s said, “I fell in love with Annika immediately. “She simply leaped at me off the page! It was immediately clear that Nick had invented this woman who was brilliantly complex, amusing, and completely distinct. And she is ‘difficult’ in an endearing sort of manner. I adore ladies that are challenging.” Moreover, she added, “Annika is unquestionably my ideal alter ego. Her professional and personal lives are inextricably linked, and she is never anything less than authentic. She is a lot more courageous than I am and far less bothered about other people’s opinions, which I like in her. And I like her approach toward the more challenging aspects of her profession and life.”

Annika Season two casting information: Who will be in the cast?

Fans are keenly waiting to see Walker in a female-led mystery role in season two as well. With that, Walker is a confirmed entry to the follow-up as Annika, DI in Scottish Police. Other returnable cast members include Jamie Sives (Guilt), Katie Leung (The Nest), Ukweli Roach (Blindspot), and Kate Dickie (The Cry). Annika’s daughter, Morgan will be an important character in season two. With Silvie Furneaux reprising her role as Mogan in addition to Paul McGann playing out Jake Strathearn. 

Philip John and Fiona Walton serve as series directors for all six episodes. Black Camel pictures produced the show. 

Annika Season two Trailer: Is it available yet?

No trailer for Annika Season two has yet been dropped. But make sure to check this space as we will keep you posted with the latest developments on the series. 

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