Angela Black Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled?

The latest thriller series ‘Angela Black’ has successfully gained good response from viewers all across the world. The series brilliantly captures the nuances of a lady who struggles with several events related to her husband. Her significant performance has brought the show to life and is adored all over the world right now. Fans and followers are constantly tweeting about their experience of watching the series as well as adoring the performance given by Joanne Froggat.


Written by Harry and Jack Williams, the show was released on 10th October 2021. It consists of 6 episodes starring Joanne Froggat as Angela Black, Michiel Huisman as Olivier Meyer and Samuel Adewunmi as Ed. All the episodes are directed by Craig Viveiros while produced by the team of Two Brothers Pictures. The plot of the show is about the main protagonist who deals with an aggressive husband and his traumatic past. Her husband mistreats her constantly while she tries to make the best out of the marriage. Further, a mysterious guy approaches the lady about his knowledge of her husband’s secrets.


The thriller drama series had a complete ending with all the twists and turns but fans are worried about whether there will be another season or not.


Will the series have a renewal or will it end?


So far, what we know is that the series will not have another season as the show had a satisfactory end. The last episode successfully justified the events and cleared the surprises as well as suspenses. But with such a huge response, the makers might reconsider their decision of not taking the series further. Although there hasn’t been any confirmed news regarding another season, the series is looked upon by several fans right now. With such a good response, possibilities might occur differently but for now, let’s leave it to the showrunners for them to decide.


What to expect in season 2 of Angela Black?


If fans get to witness another season, the lead character may come back with either the continuation of the story or something new around it. As the series had a good end, the storyline had to be taken further with new plottings and surprises or the storyline could totally divert to a more different approach. Some articles stated that there is a high possibility of another season coming in 2023. Not only because of the hype but also because of the unique storyline and connection built with the audience. But this is all just speculation as nothing has been confirmed by the makers. The antagonist or the problems might change but the theme is likely to remain the same. Until further news or announcements, fans are requested to wait patiently.

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