Ancient Aliens Season 19:  Release date, Cast and Plot

Will Ancient Aliens Season 19 be renewed or cancelled? Can we foresee the plot reaching its climax? Heck, when will season 19 premiere? In this post, we got you covered on everything, encompassing the release date, cast and other updates. 

All About Ancient Aliens?

Ancient Aliens is an American Pseudoscience, Pseudohistory, and Pseudoarchaeology TV series that premiered on March 8, 2009 on History TV. The series reflects the ideologies of the ancient astronauts hypothesis, past human-extraterrestrial contact, UFOs, government conspiracies, and related pseudoscientific topics, such as remote viewing and psychic phenomena, in a non-critical, documentary format. 

Created by Robert Clotworthy, the series is produced by Prometheus Entertainment, which has aired on History and other A & E Networks since 2010.

What’s The Update On The Nineteenth Season Of  Ancient Aliens?

The upcoming season of Ancients Aliens is yet to be renewed by the production teams and the makers. Thus, as of now we don’t have much evidence about the renewal of the nineteenth season of the series. Keep reading the article to know more.

Who’s going to be in Season 19 of Ancient Aliens: Cast

As for season 19, we cannot anticipate anything given that the makers have kept everything under the wraps. Maybe season 19 will have more speaking characters coming into the play or maybe not. Stay tuned for more updates! As of now we may undoubtedly expect the arrival of the nine main faces in the play who have been contributing in the lead role since 2009. 

Hera are they,

  • William Henry
  • Robert Clotworthy
  • Giorgio Tsoukalos
  • Erich von Däniken
  • David Childres
  • Linda Moulton Howe
  • David Wilcock
  • Jonathan Young
  • Jason Martell

Ancient Aliens Season 19 Release Date?

Ancient Aliens is one of the most popular American Pseudoscience, Pseudohistory, and Pseudoarchaeology TV  Series, which was initially released on March 8, 2009. The series managed to gain immense popularity from the everlasting eighteen successful seasons. Yes! Season 18 has finally premiered, and a few episodes of Ancient Aliens Season 18 have been aired. The fans are so overwhelmed by the direction and screenplay of the series. History TV is currently airing season 18 of the series which premiered on January 7, 2022. 

As of this writing, there has been no official announcement regarding the renewal date of Ancient Aliens Season 19. Moreover, the series is still streaming its eighteenth season. Thus, History is yet to announce the release date of the upcoming season. However, according to some valid sources, it would probably return by Spring 2023. Read the entire article to know more

Ancient Aliens Where To Watch?

You may watch the series on History TV once the series is out!

Expected storyline of the upcoming season of Ancient Aliens: Plot 

The premise of the series will again be based upon and inspired by the pseudoscientific ancient astronauts hypothesis previously popularized in Chariots of the Gods? by Erich von Däniken, and The 12th Planet, by Zecharia Sitchin, which purports that extraterrestrial beings visited Earth in antiquity or prehistoric times and introduced civilization, architecture, and high technology to primitive humans. Many, if not all, of ancient man’s achievements in language, mathematics, science, technology and stone construction, such as Egyptian pyramids, Pumapunku, and Stonehenge, are attributed to the influence of extraterrestrials. 

Ancient Aliens Season 19 Trailer

A trailer for the upcoming season of Ancient Alien is not available at the moment as it has not been released yet. As soon as it comes out, we will let you guys know. Stay tuned for more information!

Will There Be An Ancient Aliens Season 20?

No official announcement has been made regarding the renewal of Ancient Aliens season 20. Thus, we have no information about the twentieth season. 

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