America’s Next Top Model Season 25 Premiere Date: What to be expected?

America’s Next Top Model’ aka ‘ANTM’ is a reality TV show. It broadcasts super models from the United States, who win the coveted, eponymous title. In this competitive race, numerous models from the States come with lots of determination, hoping to become America’s Next Top Model. They sweat it all out trying to gain entry in the modeling industry!


ANTM is created by Tyra Banks. It was developed by Ken Mok and Kenya Barrisb. The show originally premiered on UPN in May 2003. After spanning six semi-annual seasons (cycles), it moved to The CW in 2006. There, it aired for another 16 seasons.


“America’s Next Top Model ” fans could be in for a serious treat, if Tyra Banks gets her way.


The former model, entrepreneur and businesswoman (who recently launched her experiential model-themed amusement park, ModelLand), says that she’s open to and already thinking about coming back for another season of her popular reality series.


“You know, we’ve done 25 cycles of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and I feel that we should at least end at 25,” Banks told ABC Audio. “At least do that.”


The series aired on various networks over the course of 15 years. Now, almost two years after its last episode, Banks says she’s ready to bring it all back.


“So, we’re seeing if that could happen,” she shared. “We shall see.”


Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming 25th season of America’s Next Top Model!

Is America’s Next Top Model season 25 happening?

Yes. ANTM has been renewed for a potential 25th season. The show has an immense popularity in the United States. Models from all across the country participate in this interactive competition to become the next top model. Read on to know the release date. 

America’s Next Top Model season 25 premiere date?

Though the show has been renewed for a 25th season, there’s no official release date for now. Once the makers finalise the date and make it public, we will update it here. However, if we were to anticipate the premiere date, we expect the 25th season to air by 2023. Stay tuned for more updates!

Has the official trailer for ANTM season 25 out yet?

No. The official trailer for season 25 ANTM isn’t out yet. The official release date isn’t known at the moment and so there’s no trailer/teaser details. You may watch the official trailer down below!

Where to watch America’s Next Top Model?

You may watch the series on these platforms: 

  • Google Play Movies, 
  • Apple iTunes, 
  • Hulu, 
  • Amazon Prime Video, 
  • Amazon Video, 
  • Vudu, and 
  • Netflix.


The official synopsis for season 25 is not yet known. The makers may give many surprises. The end of the last season left infinite characters with great possibilities.


Beyond this, there appears to be no signs of a definitive end. So, for sure it will continue to take full advantage of this series with more episodes, merchandising or even making a movie related to the topic. We will update you guys with all the latest information that we receive. Until then, stay connected with us for future updates!

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