American Auto Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and Plot

American Auto season 2 is an upcoming American tv sitcom. Developed by Justin Spitzer, the series is a newly launched show which debuted on December 13, 2021. It was penned by Shirin Nafaji along with Spitzer and helmed by director Jeffrey Blitz with Matt Sohn.

In terms of rating, it scored 5.3/10 on IMDb. The sitcom is packed with workplace comedy. It stars Ana Gasteyer, Harriet Dyer, Jon Barinholtz, Tye White, Michael Benjamin Washington, Humphrey Ker, and X Mayo.

Established in the main office of an important American auto company in Detroit, American Auto follows a striving group of administrators to reclaim corporation designation amid a rapidly varying trade.

Produced by Josh Greene alongside Kyle Mack, Elena Crevello, Scott Printz. The debut season of the American Auto series encompasses various episodes titled “Pilot”, “White Van”, “Earning Call”, “The $10K Car”, and “Millbank, IA”. Although the last two episodes are yet to be aired.

The audience was so captivated by this newly launched show that they are curious to know if the sitcom will return with more new episodes in the future. Here’s what we know about the second season of American Auto.

American Auto Season 2 Release Date: When Is It Premiering?

The debut season is currently airing and it’s too soon to evaluate the performance of the show and for the show makers to make a renewal announcement this early. 

Therefore, the official release date for the second season of American Auto is not yet provided as of now. However, we do hope the show will move forward with another season after the proper announcement for a second installment. It seems like new episodes of the series will most likely be launched sometime in 2022. 

Probably the series will arrive on NBC similar to the debut season of the American Auto series. We will make sure to update this section if we get an official update concerning the release date of the second season.

The Cast of American Auto Season 2: Who Will Return?

Nothing has been confirmed when it comes to the second of American Auto or the cast members but we expect to see the same characters that appeared in the first season to return and play their respective roles including—

  • Ana Gasteyer (as Katherine Hastings)
  • Tye White (as Jack)
  • Harriet Dyer (as Sadie)
  • Jon Barinholtz (as Wesley)
  • Humphrey Ker (as Elliot)
  • X Mayo (as Doric)
  • Jennifer Kenyon (as Janine)
  • Michael Benjamin Washington (as Cyrus)
  • Alexandra Siegel (as Michelle)
  • Jeff Meacham (as Brent)
  • Aisha Lomax (as Analyst)
  • Napiera Groves (as Nora)
  • Kenny Rhodes (as an infuriated worker)
  • Carol Mansell (as Fay)
  • Dan White (as Brett, an FBI Agent)
  • Christopher Wallinger (as Collin, an FBI Agent)
  • Travis Walck (as Johnny Turner)
  • Jean Montanti (as Jean)
  • Alex Hyde-White (as Bill)
  • Kathleen Kenny (as Amy)
  • Chris Warner (as Gary)
  • Elizabeth Hinkler (as Chloe)
  • Lynn Andrews (as Sierra)
  • Clint Culp (as Van Driver)

It’s not known if new faces will be cast in the upcoming season but we will leave this to your imagination.

American Auto Season 2 Plot: Expectations

Plot details for the second season of American Auto are scarce and as of now the showrunners have not revealed anything yet but if another season of the series gets underway, the story will likely take off from where the first season left off. 

American Auto Season 2 Trailer: Is It Out Yet?

No. The trailer for the second season of American Auto season is not out yet but we will paste the second season’s trailer below when it officially comes out. Till then stay tuned for more updates! 

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