Alert Season 2: Release date, Cast, and updates

FOX’s Alert is a recently launched series that premiered in January 2023 and fans are raving about it.

Every year, several shows are either canceled or coming to an end and many people are now on the hunt for a new show. So if you’re one of them, this new drama will surely keep you away from boredom. 

The first season of Alert is ongoing and the question that many want to know is whether the series will be back with another season. Here’s what we know about Season 2 of Alert’s release date, cast, and more.

What is The Show About?

Here’s the official synopsis as per FOX:

“Set within the Philly Police Department, each episode explores the dark side of the City of Brotherly Love. It’s an intense race against the clock where every second counts, as it’s impossible not to fear the worst when a loved one is either kidnapped or gone missing.”

The crime drama series features Scott Caan (Hawaii Five-0‘s) and Dania Ramirez (Tell Me a Story) as the central characters. Who are these two and what will their cases implicate? Well, they happen to be the parents of the missing son and they will do anything in their power to find him as they do not want other parents to go through the same pain as they do. 

Will There Be a Season 2 of Alert?

As of now, there’s been no word from the producers concerning a second season of the series. Moreover, the debut season is still yet to finish airing and once the viewerships and ratings have been determined, then only the network will decide whether to return with a new season or not. But so far the few episodes that have been already released have a decent viewership and if this keeps up till the last episode, it is most likely that the sophomore season will happen. 

When is Alert Season 2 Releasing? 

The first season of Alert was launched on FOX on January 8, 2023.  As of now, the series has not been renewed yet. Hence, an official air date for season 2 is not out at the moment. 

However, if we have to predict a premiere date, it is expected that the new season will be available sometime in early 2024 at the earliest. In the meantime, you can watch the current season as it airs new episodes every week on FOX.

The Cast of Alert Season 2

Here are the names of the central characters that are anticipated to reprise their roles in season two of Alert as well.

  • Dania Ramirez in the role of Nikki Batista
  • Scott Caan will portray Jason Grant
  • Adeola Role in the character of Kemi
  • Ryan Broussard will play Mike
  • Graham Verchere will be back as Keith
  • Fivel Stewart illustrates Sydney
  • Petey Gibson depicts C

Additionally, new characters may probably be introduced in the next season as well. Plot details for season 2 are yet to be revealed.

John Eisendrath is the showrunner and executive producer of the series alongside Jamie Foxx and Datari Turner serving as executive producers. The series is co-produced by  Sony Pictures Television and FOX Entertainment.

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