Aldi’s Next Big Thing Series 2: When is its release date and updates?

Channel 4 Aldi’s Next Big Thing is a business reality series that premiered in October 2022. The series showcases small-scale British food and beverages producers as they get the one-in-a-million chance to present their products to  Britain’s 4th largest supermarket, Aldi. The winner gets a life-changing deal to provide Aldi’s stores across the nation. 


Chris Bavin and Anita Rani who both serve as hosts, guide spectators on a journey in the background at one of the biggest supermarkets for the very first time while suppliers stop by Aldi’s main office to present their products. Each episode witnesses the panel carefully decide on numerous factors as they cut down from six products to two. The final contenders remaining are then given four weeks to better their products before declaring who the winner is.


So with the first season premiering only about a week ago, some fans are already anxious about whether the business reality show will have more seasons in the future. At this point, it’s difficult to answer but below we have listed down all the details that are to know about Season 2 of Aldi’s Next Big Thing.


Aldi’s Next Big Thing Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?


Currently, the second season of Aldi’s Next Big Thing has not been renewed yet by Channel 4. Firstly because the program’s first episode premiered only on October 20, 2022. Hence, it might take a while for the network to take into account the rating and viewership and then only decide on whether to renew the second season or not. 


So as of now, there is no official release date scheduled for the next season of Aldi’s Next Big Thing but if renewed fans can expect the new episodes to be out sometime in 2023.


What to Expect From Aldi’s Next Big Thing Season 2?


Nothing is known when it comes to Season Two of Aldi’s Next Big Thing but before the first season’s release, host Chris said that the recently launched series format is similar to Dragon’s Den, MasterChef, or The Apprentice. 


“I think it’s a lot of the best bits from lots of different existing formats, like Dragon’s Den or MasterChef or The Apprentice,” Chris said. “But at its heart, it’s just a lovely story about people’s journeys from starting their small businesses to then being potentially faced with the most incredible, life-changing order ever! To use a football analogy it’s like a Sunday League football team winning the FA Cup. For these small food and drink producers, it doesn’t get much bigger than this!”


Anita further added, “It’s a program that’s full of incredible stories and full of heart. I think it’s got all the things that we love in TV shows, including all the drama of it being a competition. But ultimately just seeing people who are passionate about something get allowed to just take it to another level is emotional. It’s an hour of feel-good telly.”


“Each week six producers will pitch head-to-head but just two will be selected as finalists, and only one can win,” says Anita Rani, who gets to judge the inventive products alongside Julie Ashfield, Aldi’s managing director of buying, and fellow presenter Chris Bavin. “It’s emotional – winning this contract is huge and could transform these producers’ businesses overnight!”


Aldi’s Next Big Thing Season Two will premiere on Channel 4 if renewed. So stay tuned


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