After Life Season 4: Release date, cast and more updates

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After the striking performance of the first three seasons of After Life (with season 3 releasing only recently), the fourth season is much awaited by the fans. And why not? The show did receive a hell of a lot of appreciation for its incredible plot and acting – both by the fans as well as the critics. As you must already know that After Life season 3 premiered on 14th January 2022, it’s the next season that seems in a conundrum! 


Would season 3 be the concluding season of this epic web series or would we get to delve deeper into Gervais’ character in season 4? Heck, would we even get a renewal? Well, worry you not! In this post, we will unveil whether or not After Life season 4 will be released. Furthermore, we will fill you guys in on the probable release date, cast, and other updates. So, let’s begin, shall we?

After Life Season 4: Can we expect to get a renewal?

After Live was developed from a Black comedy-drama streaming TV series. The show is written, illustrated, directed, and produced all by a single person – Ricky Gervais. After the two immensely-intense seasons that featured on Netflix, it’s difficult to keep the curiosity under control. 


The third instalment of After Life was released on the 14th of January, 2022. The movie was a heartthrob – a literal stealer! The new episodes talked about Gervais’ character as he deals with the grief of his wife’s death as well as illustrating more of Lisa, who recorded videotapes to guide Tony through life ahead of her death.


As for the renewal of After Life Season 4, we are not much certain whether the show makers will renew it for another season. As we saw in season 3, the storyline was pretty much concluded and there’s nothing much to formulate the plot around. Guess, Gervais fans will have to bid goodbye to Tony Johnson and the rest of the Tanbury gang!


Although no official announcements have been made by the production house or the developers of the shows regarding season 4 renewal, it’s evident that season 3 will be the last season of the franchise! Stay tuned for further updates!

After Life Season 4: Official Release Date?

As mentioned earlier, After Life season 3 will be the finale season and we might not be getting the fourth instalment. Season 3 concluded the entire plot, comprising Gervais’ budding romance with nurse Emma, his feelings after his father’s death, and so on. 


However, miracles do happen. And so, if everything goes right, and maybe out of the blue, if we get to hear a renewal update for season 4, the premiere would take a lot of time. We are not even sure if there exists a script. Writing, filming, producing the show – all of it is gonna take helluva time. But still, if we were to reckon the release of After Life season 4, it wouldn’t be until 2024 or even later.

After Life Season 4: Star Cast Members

Because we are not quite sure whether season 4 will even hit the screens, we can’t really say who all are going to be included in the star cast list. Adhering to previous seasons, the cast members are:


  • Ricky Gervais as Tony
  • Penelope Wilton as Anne
  • Ashley Jensen as Emma
  • Tom Basden as Matt
  • Tony Way as Lenny
  • David Earl as Brian
  • Joe Wilkinson as “Postman” Pat
  • Mandeep Dhillon as Sandy
  • Jo Hartley as June
  • Roisin Conaty as Roxy
  • Diane Morgan as Kath
  • Ethan Lawrence as James
  • Tracy Ann Oberman as Rebecca
  • Paul Kaye as the deranged psychiatrist
  • Colin Hoult as the wannabe superstar Ken
  • Peter Egan as Paul, and other supporting roles. 

After Life Season 4: Potential Updates

During the production of After Life season 3, Gervais told RadioTimes that: For the first time ever, I would do a series three, because the world’s so rich, I love the characters, I love all the actors in it, I love my character, I love the town, I love the themes… I love the dog!


“So I would do a third, but it’s got to be a real demanded-for encore. I’m not gonna just do it. I wouldn’t do it for the sake of it. I wouldn’t do it just to get paid, or because they [Netflix] want another three hours on their platform. It’s got to be that people really want more.”


Besides, back in July 2020, Gervais said in an interview that he wasn’t sure if Tony’s relationship with Emma would have a happy ending. “That’s the tricky bit, really, because he’s sort of addicted to grief, as he said because he knows where he is with it because hope lets him down too much.”


Gervais also said on Tony’s wife’s death that this part of the plot will hold utmost significance. “It’s such a rich vein: the wife he’s lost, and all the guilt, and moving on, and her vs. someone else… it’s like, who could compare with this perfect wife?” he said. “She’s never gonna make a mistake… so [it’s] all those things.”

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