8.31% Statewide Positivity Rate For Corona Virus, Governor Cuomo Addresses New Yorkers

New York – Jan 06 2021 – Honorable governor Andrew M. Cuomo updated the residents of New York about the current progress of the state regarding the on-going pandemic. “The only way to defeat this pandemic is to match the pace of infection and vaccine implementation. The vaccine is being distributed completely fairly and quickly. However, we still need to make sure that the general public is eligible for widespread vaccination” says Governor Cuomo. He also talked about the UK strain of COVID-19 and titled it as a “Game-Changer” that calls the need for New Yorkers to stay smart.

Governor Cuomo addressing Newyorkers



The governor also encouraged the general public to keep following the safety guidelines in community and personal behavior. “The way your community behaves determines the speed of the spread of the infection and the number of people that get sick” says the Governor. The talk ends with a motivating and cautionary message by Governor Cuomo asking to stay united, tough, and fight the virus collectively by caring for each other. As of now, there are a total of 152,402 test results approved and 12,666 are total positives out of all the test cases.

Precisely, there’s a positive percentage of 8.31% in the state with more than 8,590 patients hospitalized and nearly 898 newly admitted patients. Talking about the death rate, there are a total of 149 deaths due to COVID-19 in New York State yesterday. Governor Cuomo also made a tweet regarding the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine. It consisted of an infographic busting an infamous myth regarding the spread of the disease. The tweet also contained a link to check your eligibility for the vaccine. Residents need to fill out a form to determine if they’re eligible for the vaccine or not.

As a follow up of the briefing, the Governor Cuomo also tweeted regarding the inability of federal government to test the travelers negative before allowing them to enter in the province of US. The Governor also said that they’ve signed an agreement with the carriers that requires NY-Bound UK travelers to undergo testing. He also asked the federal government to roll out the agreement in all other countries. The official New York Government Website also shared helpful insights regarding the hospital bed capacity, region-based report, death rates, and geographical breakdown of the spread of the virus. The insights share some of the most important key takeaways regarding the virus.

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