5 Rave Party Outfit Ideas

It’s that time of the year again when rave parties are happening the world over. Originally what became popular in the UK in the 80s, did not take much time in spreading across other states. Today, outsized rave shirts, jackets, and pants are comfortably replaced by rave bras, top tanks, and even shirtless clothing. Raves are about being true to yourself, and being outrageous in the way you carry yourself. It’s surely a lot of fun with people, music, drinks, dance, and a place where you feel belonged. However, for a first-timer, deciding on a rave party outfit can be stressful. To keep it simple for you, we have put together 5 rave party outfit ideas that can save your time, and make you look your authentic self. Keep reading on to know more:

Holographic Clothing:

Remember rave parties mean losing up a bit. Going holo can be crazy with the reflective apparel getting all eyes on you. If you like it that way, choose holographic clothes, and be ready to flaunt your best dance moves. 


Get a Costume for Yourself:

Have you been fascinated by a superhero or a fictional character? Whatever it is, wearing a costume for a rave never goes out of style. But don’t let the pressure of standing out rob you of your comfort. Put on a dress with a light material and something that says out loud “this is me.’ 

So, it’s the right time to find a popular rave clothing store and get a costume design at surprisingly jaw-dropping prices.  Make sure to consider the theme, season, and occasion, before going costume shopping.


T-shirts and Cargo Pants for Boys: If there is anything that can bail you out of awkward what-to-wear situations,  they are t-shirts. Tees are cool and comfy. But rather than picking your usual black or gray t-shirts, go for a multi-color tee, or a t-shirt that states your mood for the day. Also, be careful to not put on the white tee to avoid embarrassing accidental spills or sweaty smells. You can team up t-shirts with short pants to show off a few of your dance moves. Plus, cargo pants are easy to carry and can be safe to keep your mobile phones and wallets. 


Rave Bras:

In case you didn’t know, a rave bra is a thing. Given less is more, it is okay to go for outfits that make you feel comfortable in your skin, Pick a sturdy and funky rave bra that suits the rave theme, and your body type. Apart from rave bras, leotards, fishnet, booty shorts, leg warmers, and bikini shorts are also good to go with.  

LED outfit:

Get inspired by Katy Perry’s recent look, and don’t shy away from wearing an LED outfit for your next rave party. Why just an LED dress? Match it with LED hoods ( if required) or maybe LED sneakers, and ditch those stilettos. 

Although there are no defined rules on how to dress for a rave party, what matters is embracing who you are. Thus, be okay with not going with the outfit trends, and wearing something that speaks more of your personality, and attitude. Because being comfortable with your appearance, body type, skin tone, and most importantly, the way you are, is imperative. 


Also, we are excited to know what you are planning to wear for your next rave party? Is it a costume, a celebrity-inspired dress, or something else? Tell us in the comments below.


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